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If you are looking for inspiration for your home, take note of the water walls indoor trends.

  1. Water wall design in ethnic style

Combining different elements, this trend seeks to recreate the essence of a distant country far from the West. The fascination for other cultures and their craftsmanship is reflected in this style that evokes warm and bright environments with an aesthetic attached to the land and local culture through hand-made elements. Patterned fabrics, furniture, and water wall design and accessories in wood, copper, or brass makeup are characteristic of this warm and cozy trend.

  1. Water walls in Nordic style

It is probably the decorative trend that has been the most popular in recent years. In the Scandinavian style, the color palette is very defined, led by white, gray, beige, and muted tones, and nuanced by soft contrasts. In the spaces, we avoid ostentatious materials and bet on wooden water walls since the main decoration resource is wood.

Regarding the water wall design, the simplicity and straight lines combined with soft curves give it a distinctive touch, and the pieces are arranged in a functional and orderly manner, following a criterion that bets on simplicity without overloading the rooms.

  1. Classic style water walls

High ceilings with chandeliers, thick curtains, silks, and velvets in the fabrics are characteristic of this sophisticated style and rich in details where abundance is essential. Here, adding water walls recreate powerful environments where symmetry, the weight of history, and romanticism are hallmarks.

  1. Water walls indoor: kitchen and office with industrial style decoration

Its origin dates back to the New York 50s, when artists began to settle in the factories and abandoned city warehouses searching for space and light to work. Nowadays, adding a water walls indoor in copper or concrete, and other building materials displayed without masking expresses a perfect style for creative and innovative people.

  1. Water walls in WabiSabi style

Its aesthetics are based on the idea of ‹‹finding beauty in imperfection. Cracks in worn plaster walls, crevices in objects, are not hidden. In this style from Japan, muted colors, frayed textiles, and the roughness of practically untreated materials, almost taken from nature, prevail. Additionally, water walls represent the art of imperfection.

  1. Japanese style water wall designdining room

Zen means meditation and is applied to the decoration. It is the way to distribute the spaces to find harmony, one of the characteristic points of this style typical of the Japanese country. It is necessary to create comfortable, calm, and elegant spaces that transmit good energy searching for balance. A water wall design is associated with the elements of fire, wood, metal, water, and earth. Give a touch of a Tatami mats, silkscreens, bonsai, and ceramics that determine the Japanese style of decoration.

  1. Water walls in Provencal style

Unpretentious elegance, light, inspiration from nature, and color have made this style inspired by the southeast of France a reference in decoration. Country-inspired textiles, tea towels, and textiles are combined with antique dinnerware that reflects the passage of time and age, and vivid furniture reflects the time. And just as in Provence, water walls play a fundamental role in decoration. The luminous decorative style is the protagonist.

  1. Mediterranean style water wall design

Typical of coastal environments, the elements that allude to summer, heat, and the sea dominate in this style. White and blue tones bring freshness and clarity. Handicraft pieces, brick furniture, water wall design, and natural textiles such as linen and cotton define the Mediterranean style, fresh and cheerful, with a natural and serene aesthetic.


“Housing is not only a real estate asset, it is also a form of spiritual consolidation.” These words by Mario Benedetti corroborate the idea that our house is our temple. It is the place where we feel safe. The space in which we live reflects our personality that reveals not only our tastes but our feelings and the way we light life. Therefore, the water walls indoor decoration represents a declaration of intentions, and the style we choose to recreate an atmosphere in our home denotes our essence, makes us feel good, and influences us.

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