5 Factors to Consider Before Getting a Custom Water Feature

5 factors to consider before getting a custom water feature

Adding a water feature is a proud decision that will pay you back double while enhancing your aesthetics and raising your real estate value. Whether youre in the initial phases of designing your interior or in the final stages of decorating a hotel lobby, adding a custom water feature can bring limitless advantages. The beauty of water features is their versatility in shape, sizes, colors, and flexibility to fit in any available space. Midwest Tropical is a pioneer in bespoke water features, but there are some factors to consider before deciding on a design.

After considering the following aspects, a water feature can bring you all your desired outcomes and more!

Choose one that Complements your Overall Theme

When selecting a water feature, its worth the effort to keep the overall general theme in mind. This will help you decide whether you want one that stands out or blends in. having said that, choose one that complements your theme; for instance, a contemporary designed water feature should be placed within contemporary interior decor. If you have more of a classic theme, then your water feature should reflect that specific type of classicism.

Ensure the Right size

Its certainly recommended to be accurate about the size along with the vertical or horizontal placement. Anything too big or too small will get lost in translation and fail to achieve the desired effect. A custom water feature that is too small will get overpowered by the surrounding decor. Similarly, anything too big will end being a total distraction rather than an alluring visual.

Its about the Location

Make sure to consider the placement of the water feature before buying one. The determining of the location allows you to specify the shape, size, and style of the water feature that is best suited to the chosen space. If youre looking to spruce up a lobby or a corridor, then you may want a wall panel waterfall or go with a tabletop model to create a natural touch in an office or a waiting room. Buying one without this consideration could end up costing you a lot more in terms of time and money. So make sure you have decided on a place before having it custom made from Midwest Tropical.

Explore Different Customization options

Custom Water features offer a lot more than just pleasing visuals and can be built to advertise your brand logo or company values. You can also choose from various construction materials that influence the design, integrity, and life expectancy of the sought-after water feature. You can choose several materials from natural stone, concrete, fiberglass, ceramic, and resin.

Will you be using lights that are included in the water feature or separate spotlights placed near it? Do you want one that uses recycled water? Do you want it to carry your brand logo? Does it need to have some background music? These are just some of the questions that should be decided before diving into the world of water features.

Water Feature Manufacturers

Putting everything else aside, this is one of the most important aspects before buying a water feature. Stick to reliable and reputable brands when considering your options since they will deliver a product that surpasses all your expectations and gives you a warranty that covers general wear and tear of the product.

Custom water features mark the beginning of a beautiful and long-lasting relationship only if chosen with the factors mentioned above in mind. Bring the grandeur and elegance of water to your commercial space and enjoy its many benefits for a long time coming.

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