Building A Waterfall Wall How To Build Your Waterfall Fountain At Home

Building a water fountain is one of these decorative pieces can be assembled at home with a little imagination and some elements by hand?Here is everything you have to gather before getting down to building a water feature wall and achieving the goal of having that little object, which beautifies and relaxes.

Why build an indoor waterfall

A water fountain is a very colorful decorative piece, no matter how small. There are different sizes because they are used as an ornamental piece to decorate the garden, an internal green space, the living room, or simply the house’s entrance.

According to some cultures, moving water maintains spiritual harmony and the active energy of people who inhabit or visit it. The truth is that, without a doubt, listening to the sound of running water is very relaxing and inspiring. Hence, why not build indoor waterfalls?

Building a water feature

On this occasion, we will teach you how to build wall fountain. It is only a matter of letting your imagination fly, and a unique and very beautiful design will surely come out. Like everything undertaken, it is first necessary to make sure that you have all the materials, at least the basic ones. Then, as the design is put together, what is missing is added.

How to build water features? Materials and hands to work

  • A utility knife, cutting tool
  • A large pot or container with depth, preferably ceramic
  • A piece of the grid the size of the mouth of the chosen container
  • Epoxy putty for plumbing work
  • A small submersible pump (most pumps come with the hose included
  • If you don’t bring it, it can be purchased at hardware stores)
  • A flexible hose that fits the transparent pump of the length according to the height of the waterfall.
  • It does not usually exceed 40 or 50 cm.
  • Stones of different sizes and other decorative materials that you want to includetransparent glue
  • Brushes, paints (maybe those used to paint on canvas) In the case of using paints, you will need a coat of protective varnish.
  • It is important to use gloves of the common ones sold in pharmacies to care for your hands, and they should be tight to facilitate the handling of small parts.
  • Once the worktable is organized, you have to work on the fundamental piece that will later be the source.
  • In the case of having chosen a ceramic pot, things will be simple. It is only a matter of taste and dare to decorate it.

Lets build a water fountain

  • To build a water wall, small pebbles can be glued to the vase or pot, giving a very natural touch. Stones of different sizes can also be inserted, all glued around, one next to the other without leaving spaces. It is a very entertaining job and good for the anxious.
  • Once all the stones are glued, they will be given a coat of paint, and at this point, it depends on each particular taste: the color or just a touch of shine.
  • Subsequently, the grid will be cut to the size of the mouth of the container. Although this step is optional, it is very nice because, in this way, the pump that will remain at the bottom of the base is protected. It is important to fit this grid about 7 to 10 cm. down so that all the stones are not on top and the water can overflow.
  • This grid will act as a cover. It can be removed to control the proper functioning of the pump that will be kept down.
  • The pump has two inlets with four suction grip feet.
  • An input where the cable goes which will be plugged in to generate the movement.
  • Once placed and after checking that it is working properly, this cable can be attached to one of the walls of the container that will carefully come out from the top to reach the plug.
  • The other is the outlet of the water through the hose.
  • Adapted to this inlet of the pump and the other end of the hose, it will be the one designed to take the water where we want it, according to the design.

If we choose building a waterfall fountain like a spring from the middle of the stones, then we will place the hose almost straight, and we will support it with the rest of the stones or chosen ornaments, depending on the decoration and design, but it can be carried from one side.



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