A Glass Water Feature Wall For Artificial Pool In The Garden

Including a glass water feature wall in an artificial pool is another way to turn our space into a place and much more fun, more comfortable, and relaxing. In addition, the Custom Water Feature sets our pool due to the continuous sound of the running water and generates natural humidity for our garden. Midwest Tropical is a specialist in offering a stylish range of custom water feature, glass water feature wall, in addition to glass waterfalls indoor, of different sizes, textures, and tones. So, do not hesitate to contact us to expand any question in this regard. We will be delighted to assist you!

Choose glass water feature wallfor garden

How to decorate gardens with custom water feature?In the world of decoration, everything is allowed: for tastes, colors. There are, however, trends that channel the inclinations of most people when it comes to decanting their sensitivities towards one position or another. Garden decoration with custom water feature is voted for, in recent decades, through different stages.Thus, depending on the stage of trends, the designs that have been imposed at each stage have been natural gardens, rustic gardens, modern gardens, Japanese gardens, or even Zen. They all have in common that we can include custom water feature in their design. In some cases, such as in Zen design, the glass water feature wall will be the protagonist of the garden decoration.

Every year, at the beginning of spring, large distribution chains fill our mailboxes with the latest trends in garden furniture, artificial grass, or even plants. In their catalogs, we can see photos of gardens with a glass water feature wall.

Our proposal in this regard involves turning our garden into a unique space, different from the rest, exclusive thanks to the decoration of the garden with custom water feature, explicitly created for the design of your garden.

Ideas for custom water featuregardens

Our proposals for garden decoration can include Glass Waterfalls Indoor as the main element of the design or, on the contrary, occupy a relevant background, but not the protagonist, in it.

Thus, in Japanese or Zen gardens, the Custom Water Feature will be one of the most prominent elements. Our artificial rocks have lightened weights and the perfect shapes to be decorative stones that are the protagonists of the decoration without being as heavy as natural stones.

In rustic gardens, Custom Water Feature includes innovative designs. And in modern gardens, decorative Custom Water Feature can appear in the form of thousands of ideas: thus, our garden can become a magical place where energy flows thanks to a magic glass water feature wall. Outdoor decoration, in addition to seeking a certain aesthetic, has to invite evasion and fun.

lass water feature wall, a playful piece of water and glass

This original piece of glass, known as glass water feature wall is part of the facade of a house located near a heavenly place where trees and flowers abound.Midwest Tropical created a design that blends glass and light, blurring the art and exterior design.

  • The fused glass wall comprises of blocks in different shades of water blue-green with a texture that simulates the flow of water.
  • The fused glass wall incorporates a custom water feature that allows for controlled spillage on the glass.Although the dimensions of this crystalline glass water feature wall is not very large. The reflection of the piece in the pool of water located next to it makes the piece visually, double when the water is static.
  • On the deck and inside the pond, a system was incorporated to recirculate the water and generate an artificial waterfall of water, which falls on the glass water feature wall.
  • With the fall of the water and the reflection of the sun’s rays on the glass, a series of flashes are generated that make this piece a show of light.
  • At night, the glass water feature wall works as a large screen on which playful pieces of colored lights are projected.

Elegant, topical, and state decoration of the interior

Glass water feature wall looks original and does not require special attention. The walls have a beneficial effect on the mood and psyche, calm, and relax. Indoor Glass Waterfalls Indoor options are some of the most popular.


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