How to give your hotel rooms a makeover with water features

How to give your hotel rooms a makeover with water features

Hotel rooms are not prone to boredom and blandness. If you’re not receiving the same response as before, then maybe it’s time to give your rooms a makeover. The bedrooms are the most essential elements of any hotel as they are pivotal in providing a holistic hotel experience. If your rooms are drab, then you can expect fewer guests and investment opportunities. This is your one-off chance to go all out and bring out all the stops with indoor wall waterfalls from Midwest Tropical. With minimal efforts, you could have your rooms looking like new along with a few minor tweaks mentioned below:

Bubble panels

Any water feature adds Zen to a room, but bubble walls are beautiful and inviting. Most bubble walls come with a remote-controlled lighting system that can add sufficient light to a room. Adding bubble walls to your rooms will instantly give them a glam-up and enhance your visual aesthetics to unprecedented levels. Guests will admire your creativity and wish to remain with you whenever the need arises. Investors will also find your hotel a compelling chance since you have proven to be a step ahead of your competitors.


What does the lighting in your hotel rooms say? Do they say ‘welcome’ or instead ‘test your vision’ or ‘get blinded’? Waterfall on walls is in need of smartly placed lighting to pull off its full effect. During the daytime, make sure that ample natural light filters in through the window. When it’s dark, the lighting should be effective in showcasing the beauty of the water feature and other elements of the room.

Accent walls

The wall that you place your water feature on should be the focal point of your room. This means that this particular wall should be accentuated in a way that attention does not digress from it to other areas. You can color this wall differently from the rest or paint a mural on it, making an impressive backdrop for the water feature. Refrain from using any other decor item in the room that may diminish the effect of the water feature. You want something that pulls the room together rather than making it a kaleidoscope of stuff where the eye is confused about where to rest. The room should be conducive to relaxation instead of getting stressed out by the overpowering presence of too much stuff happening simultaneously.


The rooms could use a change of curtains to bring a splash of color or complement your indoor water feature’s texture. Get creative with curtain placing other than the apparent place above the windows. They could make a unique backdrop for your water feature or behind the bed to give a classy and old-sophistication vibe. Make sure to check that all this stuff complements the existing decor and doesn’t undermine an essential aspect of interior design.

Pro Tip: Choose water features according to the size and requirements of the rooms since some may benefit from tabletop fountains while others could need indoor wall waterfalls for a more dramatic effect. All other furnishings must be in sync with the water feature that should reflect the hotel’s overall theme from the lobby to the restaurant. This would help you develop a particular brand identity that people will recognize far and wide.

Waterfall on walls from Midwest Tropical is the answer to all your makeover problems. They require minimal effort and can transform your hotel from wow to wow-za! So don’t hesitate if you need to revamp your interiors; this could be your chance to create something great.

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