3 Magnificent Water Displays for a Commercial Property

3 Magnificent Water Displays for a Commercial Property

Your commercial property sets the tone for your brand long before you get a chance to make an impression. This necessity often takes a back seat, especially with modern spaces that limit the amount of space used to spruce up the property. That may be true for conventional decoration themes, but with water displays, you can utilize any size available, even if its just a wall.

At Midwest Tropical, you can go as low-key or ambitious as you want when it comes to indoor water features.  Some of the most elegant and magnificent water displays are mentioned below that are virtually silent and a fantastic accent to any application that fulfills water presence requirements.

  1. Let it rain!

Rain curtains are vertical lines of falling water that can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the aesthetic style of a commercial property. These designs are custom-built made to fit your specifications. You can use colored lights to shine on the water that reflects off each droplet taking the resulting effect to the next level. You can use this feature for many corporate events or launch a product by projecting an image on the water.

Rain curtains are made out of several materials to bring about the desired look, like wood and other substantial support structures such as a truss. Some applications of rain curtains are:

  • Placed at entrances where guests walk through two walls of falling water
  • Backdrops for restaurants and bars
  • Room dividers that separate different portions of the floor plan
  1. Let it fall!

The combination of glass and water is one for the books. The glass waterfall indoor water feature can be bespoke built with your requirements that create a striking visual statement. Glass is a classic material that goes well with any indoor decor, whether you wish it to stand out or blend with the surroundings. It can be used near natural light to promote jaw-dropping visuals that leave a lasting impression on anyone who walks through your door. Some of the many places where glass waterfalls can be used are:

  • In hotel lobbies and restaurant entrances
  • In waiting rooms at healthcare facilities or other offices
  • In shopping malls and art galleries to make bold style statements
  1. Let it blow!

Another technological marvel in the world of water features is bubble walls. These come in a plethora of sizes, colors, shapes, and materials, making them the most sought-after choice for any corporate work such as restaurants, doctors clinics, and shopping malls. The use of bubble walls as water displays is a flexible option that can be floor standing, wall hanging, or framed.

Bubbles walls have a significant edge over another decor such as aquariums and artificial plants. All these ideas have become obsolete with the advent of water features since their allure never gets old. There is no risk of water spillage, no over-the-top maintenance, and can be custom-made to reflect your brand. Some of the useful applications of bubble walls are:

  • Adding a focal point to a room
  • Room dividers or partitions
  • Entrance or lobby exhibit
  • Use as ice-breakers at restaurants and bars
  • Exude opulence and grandeur at corporate workplaces
  • Use as an advertising tool by getting your business logo etched on the panel

These water displays do so much more than elevate your signature style statement. The conscious efforts put in to achieve such elegance and resplendent surroundings will definitely leave a mark. Your brand and work ethic will be recognized far and wide for its in-your-face vibe and confidence. So dont hold back and let your awesomeness breakthrough with these magnificent water features.

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