How Water Features Enhance The Hotel Guest Experience

How Water Features Enhance The Hotel Guest Experience

Owning or operating a hotel can feel like a constant battle to keep up with the Joneses. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to set your hotel apart and keep your customers returning time after time. A custom water feature can be that touch of glitz, glamour and soothing ambience that makes your guests feel relaxed the moment they enter your lobby.

Rain Curtain at Holiday Inn Express Louisville Kentucky
Rain Curtain at Holiday Inn Express Louisville Kentucky

Benefits of Water Features

Water features impress your guests and make them feel at ease. The following are just a few of the many benefits water features can bring to your hotel.

  • They please the senses ” These installments are always pleasing to the eyes and ears, offering the soothing sound of running water and a natural backdrop that™s mesmerizing to watch. Water features also reduce surrounding noise pollution by drowning out the sounds of fans, air conditioners and other noises.
  • Water features are calming ” A water feature in your hotel has the ability to soothe your guests. Research states that flowing water emits negative ions that play an essential role in reducing stress.
  • They offer an upscale appearance ” A quality custom water feature is classy and impressive, often giving the impression that business is good. Your guests will immediately feel a sense of elegance when they step into the lobby and see a magnificent fountain or other dramatic water feature.
Black Scored Acrylic Water Wall Aquafall with Reflection Pool and Bubbler Jets at Embassy Suites Denver Colorado
Black Scored Acrylic Water Wall at Embassy Suites Denver Colorado

Top Water Features for Hotels

Guests often enter hotels seeking relaxation, whether they™re traveling for business or pleasure. A carefully designed water feature can create an ambience that encourages your guests to unwind. The following are some water features that work best in hotels.

  • Water walls ” Turn an ordinary wall into a work of art with a sealed water wall. At Midwest Tropical, we™ve installed water walls at a long list of hotels around the country, including the lavish Residence Inn by Marriott in Miami Beach, Fla.
  • Fountains ” Fountains are ideal water features for elegant gardens, luxurious pools and a long list of other indoor and outdoor spaces. A dramatic fountain will make your pool stand out or radiate charm throughout your hotel lobby. At Midwest Tropical, we™ll create fountains that are customized to your space and built to wow your guests.
  • Mesh waterfalls ” These breathtaking water features are made with mesh wire that can be lit in a variety of colors to coordinate with your hotel’s interior and create the perfect ambience for every time of day. The Embassy Suites Phoenix and a long list of other luxury hotels feature Midwest Tropical mesh waterfalls.

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