How A Logo Water Feature Can Benefit Your Business

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You know your business™s entryway needs to make a statement. Although, choosing the correct statement for your business can be difficult. You want something that™s welcoming, stylish, and sophisticated without being completely over the top.

A logo water feature could be exactly the piece your entryway is missing. These water features can display your custom logo while offering the soothing sights and sounds of flowing water. There™s no better way to brand your business while presenting an air of luxury and class. The following guide explains what a logo water feature is and how it can benefit your small or large business.

Glass Water Wall with Logo at LaQuinta Hinesville Georgia

What Is a Logo Water Feature?

You™ve probably seen a logo water feature, but you may not have known what it was called. A logo water feature is a water wall, fountain, or other custom water feature that displays your company™s logo. In addition to being a focal point in your lobby or entryway, a logo water feature highlights your business name and reinforces your company™s message. A logo water feature may also be called a water fountain sign.

Benefits of a Logo Water Feature

A logo water feature is so much more than a traditional water feature or typical entryway sign. The following are five ways a logo water feature can benefit your business:

  • A luxurious look: It™s impossible to deny that water features exude an air of opulence. Simply installing a logo water feature in your hotel, salon or other business™s lobby can re-assure your customers they™ve chosen a sophisticated place.
  • Relaxation: Water features offer calming sights and sounds, creating a tranquil atmosphere for everyone who enters your building. Customers who feel comfortable and relaxed at your hotel, casino, or corporate office will return time and time again.
  • Branding: Water features are always eye-catching. With your brand name and logo displayed in the center, your fountain or water wall is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Customers will have a hard time forgetting a logo at which they can™t stop gazing.
  • A positive sign: Logo water features provide a sense of professionalism and elegance, letting your customers know that business is good. When they assume your business is doing well, they™re more convinced they’ll be happy with your services ” whether you™re operating a hotel, casino, or other business.

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Why Choose Midwest Tropical?

Improve customer experiences while branding your company with a logo water feature from Midwest Tropical. Midwest Tropical has been family-owned since 1977, featuring a team of designers and craftsmen who are experts in working with copper, stainless steel, acrylic, stone, glass, and countless other materials.

When you™re looking for a top-quality logo water feature to set your business apart, Midwest Tropical has the team and expertise to exceed your expectations. Contact us to get started creating your one-of-a-kind water feature today.

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