Custom Indoor Water Features Ideas For Interior Design

Bubble Water Features such as indoor water bubble walls panel are very often used for zoning. For example, you need to visually separate the kitchen area from the dining room or living room. To do this, mount a narrow panel or several parallel tubes with white back lighting. Then the glass surfaces will be almost invisible to the eye, and the strips of the running bubbles will do an excellent job of visually separating the zones.

Use Custom Indoor Water Features as a wall or partition

The Custom Indoor Water Features’dimensions are large enough to bring such a design decision to life. Remember that the wall with lighting will be a great color accent, not contradict the room’s interior.

Use Bubble Water Features as columns or floor supports

Such maneuvers can be identified as doors, rest areas, wall cabinets with collections, pictures, etc. The larger the diameter of the Bubble Water Features, the larger the size of the room should be.

Panels embedded in furniture or niches

It is recommended to use small Bubble Water Features. In this way, you can create Indoor Water Bubble Walls with pearl bubbles. The color and intensity of the back light will help create a unique masterpiece. Indoor Water Bubble Walls can be used as an additional light source.

Small decorative items

Small Bubble Water Features on the table will decorate the room and allow a tired person to relax. There are some Custom Indoor Water Features connected to the audio system and react to sounds by changing the intensity of the back light. They cost more than ordinary panels. But, after the feeling of novelty subsides, you are unlikely to use this feature.

If you saw an air bubble panel (WFP) somewhere and it didn’t make an impression on you, then you don’t need it. Usually, it happens the other way around: for the first time, after seeing this decorative element of the interior, almost everyone wants to get something similar. But having learned how much such a product costs, you put off the idea indefinitely.

Can I make Custom Indoor Water Features and save money?

That is what is interesting. With the apparent simplicity of the Custom Indoor Water Features design, you will not find a single video with its production on the Internet. Only interior finished models are offered for display. At the same time, not everything is so simple. Let’s solve it.

Indoor Water Bubble Walls production

How can you do it? Well, suppose a handyman or a craftsman has all the listed materials, as well as tools, a workshop, and free time. This is especially if you already have experience as a mechanic, turner, miller, electrician, and glue in acrylic aquariums. Maybe he will even open his own business, become our competitor, sell cheaper panels, and we will part ways. After all, our production of Indoor Water Bubble Walls is nowhere down.


It turns out that the Indoor Water Bubble Walls is a complex construction. But the track operation is much easier. When necessary, turn on the mains, tired – off. You can safely go on a business trip or vacation. With Indoor Water Bubble Walls, this will not work: there is constant care and, by the way, maintenance costs. You only need to pour water once a month on the bubble panel, clean the dust, and it is like new.


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