3 Elegant Water Features Inspired by Minimalism

3 Elegant Water Features Inspired by Minimalism

The current trend in interior decor has taken a page from minimalism. It is an exercise in restraint where objects, lighting, and space play equally essential roles. This style demands that you strip down your furniture to bare essentials so that all you have left is a set of curated objects that yield maximum visual impact. The combination of this style with indoor water features is highly functional and bold. Using water enhances the concept of minimalism, which means making space breathable but not less designed.

Indoor water features from Midwest Tropical can be tailored according to the rest of your theme, ranging from classic to modern to downright grand. They can be made in a variety of materials such as copper, stainless steel, acrylic, concrete, resin, fiberglass, and stone. They elevate your desired minimalistic look without being obtrusive. If youre also looking to spread some Zen vibe all while staying minimalistic, there are your best options:

Rain curtains: magnificent, calming yet modern

This unique water feature offers distinct beauty and class to any place by capturing water droplets along it like an indoor wall of water. Its fabulous effects can elevate any interior decor regardless of the existing prevalent theme. The water curtain can be customized along a linear line to go against a wall, a maze, or a slightly curved surface. It can be deployed as a free-standing fixture or installed against a wall. It doesnt require much space and is splash-free, which adds to its wow factor.

Indoor Fountains: man-made, soothing, and captivating

  • Wall fountains

As is evident by the name, wall fountains create breathtaking water wall interiors. These fixtures make striking statements and are perfect for locations where you cant give up functional space. Instead of the usual wall decor like paintings, opt for wall fountains to exude a modern and classy vibe that inspires confidence and brand authenticity. All you need is a free wall, and youre good to go!

  • Water walls and floor fountains

If you are fascinated by the cascading waterfalls in nature, then this feature can bring the same effect to your workplace. It can extend from the floor to the ceiling resulting in a dramatic waterfall effect that elevates your property value to no end. The aesthetic effect is incomparable to all conventional decor and is in complete sync with minimalism since it uses the space to establish an impressive style statement.

  • Tabletop fountains

If you wish to go smaller and subtler, then tabletop fountains match your criteria. They are placed on top of tables, obviously, but can help you achieve the same decor goals as any other water features. This features biggest perk is its flexibility to be installed anywhere you desire and spruce up the place with minimum efforts. Not only do they add class but provide your place of business with originality that, in turn, reflects on your working practices.

Bubble Walls

A trendy marvel of innovative technology is bubble walls that are engaging and fully immersive walls with cascading water often accompanied by changing colors. These latest visual delights can create a bold style statement that was missing from your commercial property or overlooked in favor of more traditional decor themes. Bubble walls are versatile and can be used for many purposes, such as room dividers, partitions, and focal points. You can get it customized to incorporate your company logo on its panel and spark a conversation with your stakeholders about this originality.

The corporate decor game has undergone a tremendous change with the prevalence of water wall interiors from Midwest Tropical. Transport yourself into the future with minimalism as your motto, use these water features that are guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

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