Quick And Easy Ideas Of Glass Water Wall

Installing water displays or a glass water wall is a relatively simple process.Midwest Tropical aims to offer you the necessary steps to install a glass water wall available in a kit. Check out Bubble Walls for Sale here.

Lets, get started!

The modules that make up our Water Displays have a low weight, making them easy to handle during installation. The base of our glass water wall must be placed on a flat base with resistance to support a heavy structure and must be clean so that the mortar strongly fixes the structure to the base.

The base for laying glass water wall

After preparing the base on which we will place the glass water wall or a bubble wall, the assembly process of the modules of our water displays must be placed precisely with mortar, piece by piece, until we achieve the shape of the chosen design, adapting it to our needs according to the level tolerance of the chosen artificial waterfall kit.

Water displays installation with stones

Once the placement of artificial stones that make up the water displays is finished, the installation of pipes through which the water will circulate in our water wall has to be carried out. The necessary pipes are supplied with our kits. The pipes will be hidden inside the rocks and through the supplied parts.The surface pieces of our water displays then receive a finishing treatment that consists of coloring them according to our preferences: it is done using the sponging technique.

Glass water wall puffing technique

Depending on the size of our glass water wall, the difficulty of the process increases due to the difficulty of handling the pieces or the structure that must be created so that our water wall has the correct strength. If the waterfall is a cave, the installation should be done by a professional.


Garden with water displays and swimming pool

We collect different ideas for decorating gardens with swimming pools. In addition to being the most important element of leisure and enjoyment in a garden during the summer, the pool can become the main element of the decoration of our garden. We are specialists in the manufacture of artificial water displays for swimming pools and waterfalls for gardens, so we will propose different decoration options for the pool.

Pool with glass water wall and artificial cave

The first option that we propose is to place water fountains for the garden. The decoration of gardens with swimming pools does not have to have a very high cost. With a simple glass water wall and a rock fountain, the decoration of your garden will allow you to improve significantly.

The next proposal is to place a glass water wall in the pool. An artificial water wall not only has a decorative effect in your garden but also helps to refresh the environment on the hottest days of summer. The cost of a small artificial waterfall is not high, and it will provide you with great moments of enjoyment and relaxation. The pool size determines which the best waterfall option that we can use is: you can check all the measurements of our artificial waterfalls here.

In addition, the water displays can have cave shapes, which will contribute to greater enjoyment of bathing by all members of the family.

Water displays for the decoration of gardens

Including water displays in our garden allows us to decide the shape and the exact size that these decorative elements will occupy in our space. Decorative garden water displays are used regularly in any project. In addition, decorative water displays will allow us to move them very easily, so our decoration can vary as many times as we want.

Pool with earth-colored water displays

In some cases, it is a pool reform, and in others, they are new projects in which the initial design already foresaw some kind of water displays: in some pools.It is small waterfalls, and in others, it is a real project of theming the pool space.

For any reform or construction project of natural or artificial water displays, do not hesitate to contact us: we can advise you on the convenience and suitability of our products in installing your pool.

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