Interior Wall Waterfalls: What You Need To Know

Indoor waterfall walls, interior wall waterfalls, and a glass wall fountain are becoming more and more popular, and you don’t need a lot of space to have one. There are interior wall waterfalls from the mini piazzas to the lavish gardens in small areas, an interior patio, or terraces. Install one of the relaxing waterfall elevator or DIY bubble walls to meditate and appreciate its particular aesthetics.

Interior wall waterfalls: Valuable, Modern & Historic 


The soothing sound of a rippling waterfall, the refreshing feeling of a cool mountain stream on a warm summer day, or the beautiful reflection of the sun’s rays in the individual drops of water; with such thoughts, one can no longer resist exclusive interior wall waterfalls.

An eye-catcher for every visitor during the day, a glass wall fountain is the absolute highlight of your garden in the evening. In our online shop, you will find the ideal indoor waterfall wall for your garden, balcony, or terrace, from antique fountains to modern fountain stones with pumps.

An indoor waterfall wall for the swimming pool


Having a swimming pool at your workplace is synonymous with ecstasy and sophistication. Then imagine having interior wall waterfalls such as a glass wall fountain or indoor waterfall wall to make your pool even more beautiful! Can you imagine?

Types of indoor waterfall walls:


There are several types and models of interior wall waterfalls on the market. Among them, the main ones are:


  • Stainless steel indoor waterfall wall:
  • They offer an air of modernity. Your choice must be careful since it needs constant maintenance due to contact with chlorine. Indoor waterfall wallsof stainless steel or ceramics are often used as decorations in modern gardens. These often already have integrated lighting, which creates a beautiful ambiance on the terrace and balcony at a late hour.


  • Stone waterfall Elevatorsare
  • usually embedded in the stones, giving an even more natural appearance. Stone boulders or spheres are most popular in classic gardens. If you allow it, a moss-covered surface can develop over time that blends very well with a natural environment. However, a source stone does not always have to consist of natural stone.


  • Masonry fountains:
  • They can be made of concrete or brick and have roof tiles or even tiles. The fountain fills the top floor before the water flows into the catch basin. This intensifies the relaxing sound of the splashing water.


Glass wall fountain with laminar jets:

They are installed on the ground and their jets form arches. They can be illuminated, creating an even more beautiful effect. Fountains with several fine jets of water are famous here. Pumps with such attachments are also often placed in garden ponds. In this way, you achieve an effect similar to a garden fountain.


  • DIY bubble wall on deck:
  • They come directly from the floor or the roof of the terrace and form a beautiful waterfall effect. From stepped levels for a modern style to antique, ornate DIY bubble walls, you will find a wide range of variants to suit your wishes.

Which indoor waterfall wall suits you?


For a perfect indoor waterfall wall project, you should ideally already include the waterfall installation from the start. Check the waterfall elevator material before you buy it for proper maintenance. In the case of stainless steel, regular maintenance is necessary to prevent rust.

Discover Our World of Interior Wall Waterfalls 


DIY bubble wall, indoor waterfall wall, glass wall fountain, and waterfall elevator; crack your ornamental waterfall elevator as a fountain, glass wall fountain, or as a stone font with waterfall in granite, sandstone, stainless steel, or plastic from our extensive online range with many offers.

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