Choosing a Waterfall Design: Here’s what NOT to do!

Choosing a Waterfall Design: Here's what NOT to do!

You will come across many choices while adding a water feature to your interior decor. There will be hordes of decisions to make and factors to contemplate, from installing bubble walls to selecting an intricate waterfall design. Indoor water features need a lot more consideration than those utilized outdoors since most of the time is spent inside, and you will have more opportunities to appreciate a piece like a swirly bubble wall or a rain curtain.

Whether you want a centerpiece for your waiting area or a striking art piece for your lobby, avoid these 4 things when committing to an indoor waterfall design.

1. Do not go too small or too big!

There are a plethora of options when it comes to finalizing the size of your desired water feature. There are those that take up the entire wall of your space, and some can be settled on top of a corner table like a centerpiece. Before deciding on the style of the fountain, it’s recommended to figure out its purpose. Is it just filling space? Is it making a style statement? Is it used to involve natural elements into the existing decor? The answer to these questions can help you narrow down the exact size that will best suit your needs. Anything too small will not serve its purpose, and some too large will distract from the main theme.

2. Do not go out of sync with the theme

Waterfall designs can be created to blend well with the style of furnishings and decoration themes prevalent in your interiors. Holistic architecture practices involve all the elements working together in harmony, and anything that goes against the running theme will seem out of place and render all your efforts useless. If your overall theme is classic, then choose a classic design, or if it’s more contemporary, your choice should reflect something digital.

3. Do not commit to one before finalizing the location

Another mistake that should not happen is deciding on a water feature before finding its perfect spot. A waiting area may benefit most from a floor model, whereas an entryway will be aesthetically elevated with a wall-panel fountain. If you’re looking to add a tinge of naturalness, then a tabletop model should do the trick. Figuring out space after you have bought a water feature may be an exercise in futility since it may not deliver the expected outcomes.

4. Do not go in without homework

Lace yourself with relevant information about waterfall designs such as customization options, use of recycled water, power source, and so on. When you know precisely what you want, it saves precious time and helps you avoid irreversible mistakes that can cause frustration and delay. You have several feasible options when it comes to size and color; however, choosing the appropriate construction material is also crucial. The chosen material will reflect your taste and how well it complements the general theme of your interior decor. Whether it’s for visual appeal or amusement, you need to navigate carefully with considerable thought to all related aspects.

Midwest Tropical is the place to be when searching for waterfall designs and various bespoke models. You can get one customized with your brand logo and colors that serve a higher purpose than just being eye-candy. There’s a lot more to water features than meets the eye, which you will learn while determining your specific purpose and needs that cannot be met via conventional designing options.

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