How Acrylic Bubble Walls Change The Ambiance of A Room

How Acrylic Bubble Walls Change The Ambiance of A Room

If you want a mix of elegance and entertainment in your home or office space, the acrylic bubble walls are a perfect choice. They come in several shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, making them a suitable choice for offices, malls, restaurant, and even spas.

While you might be wondering how to embed natural elements indoors, you will be amazed to know that an acrylic bubble wall or even a glass waterfall has more benefits than artificial plants or colorful wall paintings.

Midwest Tropical provides you with uncountable indoor water features to spruce up your spaces. However, this blog explains to you the effect an acrylic bubble wall has on your surroundings.

What Is An Acrylic Bubble Wall

An acrylic bubble wall comprises a clear panel that gives you a view of an underwater environment. The transparent panel is constructed of acrylic with an internal operation similar to that of an aquarium tank.

There are clear plastic tubes inside the panel, connected to a motor that is not visible. The motor continues to pump bubbles through the tubes that create hypnotizing flow of bubbles. You have plenty of options for the bubble walls, as they come in many sizes, shapes, and colors to complement your decor perfectly. You can place it in the corner, in the middle of the room, or even hang it on a sidewall. It has a magical ability to catch the attention of anyone upon entering the room.

How Versatile Are The Acrylic Bubble Walls

There isnt a one size fits all design to the acrylic bubble walls. You will find them in multiple designs, colors, and sizes. Midwest Tropical even provides you with the opportunity to get a customized bubble wall that is going to be designed according to the construction and make of your room or building.

They are a great addition to any space and has the ability to brighten up any space it is placed in instantly. The liveliness that bubble walls create makes them apt for bars, clubs, hotels, and rooms. They are even suitable for hospitals since it is a place that is in dire need of a structure or feature that alleviates the gloom.

Apart from the versatility that these walls offer, they are also revered for other benefits that give them an edge over artificial plants and paintings. The acrylic bubble walls are less expensive and easier to maintain. There is no fear of water spilling around, posing the threat of slippage. The bubble walls can even be customized according to the logo of your company.

Where To Use The Acrylic Bubble Walls

The acrylic bubble walls are versatile and can be placed in a list of places. The walls bubbly and cheery presence makes it suitable for placement in any setting.

Restaurants: the bubble water wall takes on any mood, making it perfect for restaurants. Whether it is a small restaurant where meals are a family affair or a large dining spot for fine dining, the acrylic bubble walls can be customized accordingly.

Corporate Offices: the architecture and interior design of a building reflect the company values. Therefore, the more opulent and stylish it is, the more it attracts the creative young millennials.

Bars and Clubs: clubs and bars are a gathering place where there is energy, fun, and excitement. Both the places can show off their incredible visual display by placing the acrylic bubble walls that would ramp up the electrifying ambience of the two places.

The acrylic bubble wall fits well in any surrounding. Its compelling structure strikes the eye and elevates the mood of a place. It changes the feel of a room and makes it look more classy, modern, and elegant, all at the same time.

Midwest Tropical offers you a wide range of water features that are customizable. You can even ask for suggestions to know which water structure would better suit your place.

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