Why Should You Install A Commercial Water Wall In Your Office?

Every business focuses on client satisfaction. And, the quality of the product or the service from the company is the main determinant of customer satisfaction, there are many other factors. One of those is the environment of the workplace. It has a direct effect on the impression the customer has of your work ethics. A well-kept office, on the other hand, also plays a role in employee retention. That is why many companies all over the world are stressing on decorating the work premises, often investing thousands of dollars into this task.

Here’s why businesses contribute material amounts to decor!

We’ve brought up the top 3 reasons:

  • A pleasant commercial space gives the client an impression of a considerate and charming work team. This positive impression helps strengthen customer relations.
  • It improves the mood of the workforce, giving them a homey feeling, making them comfortable at work. This increases productivity and decreases employee turnover.
  • Well-kept office premises decreases stress and increases feelings of positivity all over. It can even make overtime seem pleasant.

Trendiest Water Display Options

Deciding how to revamp the commercial place by remaining in a tight budget is a difficult decision. More difficult is to choose decorations that would withstand the test of time and stay in trend for at least the next decade. But a safe answer to both these questions is the installation of a water display. Water displays are an unfailing designing tool that is sure to attract and maintain customer’s attention. They also humidify and freshen up the atmosphere.

They have the same effect on the client and the employees as the addition of plants. The same way the addition of greenery freshens up the mind and acts as a breather from the monotonous and often frustrating life at the office, water displays to do it effectively. The only difference is that water displays also add class and style to your commercial premises.

Option 1: Water fountains

Water fountains are one of the best water displays that have remained trendy for a long time, and the best part about these is that you can always find one that is within your budget, and of the size you desire. Small tabletop fountains also gained a lot of popularity because each cabin and desk could have its lovely little fountain. It’s a solid fact that these water fountains are the best addition for your office foyer or the alcove near the lift, or just within the main gate of your office building.

Option 2: Water Walls

The interior designers have revolutionized these water displays and brought you an easy solution for an indoor water feature: the waterwalls. These water walls are built with high-quality acrylic panels that are sealed tightly to avoid any leakages. Then these panels are filled with water. The movement of water varies with different kind of water walls that are available in the market.

Option 3: Bubble Walls

The bubble walls have air passing through these acrylic walls to create bubbles and add dimensions. You could also customize them to add decorative LED lights or by installing colorful acrylic panels. These walls could function as the translucent walls or windows often installed in the offices to ensure privacy and limit communication.

Option 4: Rain Curtains aka Waterfall Walls

On the other hand, rain curtains, also called waterfall walls imitate the water fountains. The water flows from the top of the wall and cascades down. The only difference is this movement of water is contained within the acrylic panels. You could customize these waterfalls to hold any back panel like that of the traditional fountains, for example, a brick wall or lots of little vessels pouring water from one to another.

Still difficult to choose from these options? Install any of these water features right away and mesmerize your clients with your upkeep of the office. A well-kept office is always symbolic of a healthy workforce. Also, a beautiful workspace becomes the pride of the employees working there and increases employee satisfaction; so you jump one step closer to finding loyal workers. Do not wait any longer! Out show your competitors and outsmart them by investing in the decoration of your premises by installing water features.

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