Premade Bubble Walls VS Custom Bubble Walls

Premade Bubble Walls VS Custom Bubble Walls,

With the advent of minimalism, interior Decor trends are changing dramatically too; bubble water features, however, are not going anywhere anytime soon because of their sensory details, cool aesthetics and state-of-the-art looks.

Thats because more and more educated minimalists love bringing natural elements like waterfalls and rockeries indoors and water bubble walls are no exception to this idea. But with hundreds of options available at high-end brands, how do you find the one thats perfect for your commercial space? Midwest Tropical has a wide range of bubble walls for sale, but you need to decide beforehand if youd like to get a premade stock bubble wall or a bubble wall fountain thats custom-made for your particular business.

Heres how they differ:

  1. Duration of Installation: Once they are ready, both options can be quickly installed in the desired region of your commercial property. However, most premade bubble walls for sale can be brought to the site instantly, while water features with custom bubble wall panels (ones with brand aesthetics) require time. Crafting them takes time since the supreme effort, and attention are invested while designing each detail.


  1. Brand Aesthetics and Coherence: If you are a big business planning to install a bubble water feature in a long corridor or welcome lobby, it is advisable to opt for custom bubble wall panels. You can choose to get the background designed as per your brand palette, where the professionals would choose colors that go in-line with your logo, tagline and overall color setting. The design process may take time, but the output would surely cohere with your overall commercial space, interior decor and architecture.


  1. Customization Options in Stock Bubble Walls: While you can choose from hundreds of different bubble wall panels even in premade bubble wall fountains, there are also limited options for customization here. Opt for playback music and LED fairy lights of your choice, size and other dimension options depending upon the part of commercial property you are installing this water feature in. If you have a restaurant or pub, with already loud music playing, playback wouldnt matter much at night time. Similarly, if its a dentists office, a light relaxing meditating sound would work its wonders.


  1. Size: Ready-made bubble wall fountains are good for small to medium-sized spaces. However, if youd like to cover a huge wall or widely spacious area, its better to go for custom water bubble walls. They are usually the best bets for old shopping malls getting renovated, or museums and public offices where construction is partly under progress.

Indoor Water Features Create Architectural Statements

Not only bubble walls, but there are endless other options to consider if youd like to create a signature interior decor thats unique to your brand, but popular globally. Vertical chamber waterfalls, indoor fountains, rain curtains, and reflection pools are only a few to count.

When it comes to bringing nature in contact with humanity, there is no limit to creativity. Whatever you can imagine, Midwest Tropical can turn so into reality. All you have to do is think of a spectacular background, and youre good to go!

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