Custom Water Features 8 Custom Water Fountains Outdoor Design Ideas

Custom outdoor water features, custom wall fountainsor custom water walls are as numerous as the stars in the sky. Personal taste and individual creativity will determine your final design choice. To help you get started, consider the following custom indoor water features and custom outdoor waterfalls designs.

  1. Custom outdoor fountain with staggered fonts

The tiered fountains create an impressive display of water. These custom water fountainshave two or more levels from which the water is poured. Stepped water fountains are made from various materials, such as bowls, urns, jugs, barrels, and vases. In addition, they are available in various shapes and sizes.

  1. CustomWall fountains

CustomWall fountains are perfect for patios or fences. With a style that ranges from old-world elegance to sleek modern simplicity, wall fountains add charm to any intimate area.

  1. Custom indoor fountains with bamboo

Custom indoor fountains or custom indoor waterfall impart a natural feel to outdoor gardens. They work well in minimalist landscaping designs and are easily incorporated into most other landscaping plans.

  1. Metal custom indoor waterfall

Metal custom indoor waterfall and fonts are unique in that they can be molded into almost any shape. These shapes can mimic humans, animals, flowers, and even insects. Brass fountains and copper fountains are popular. Stainless steel is another option in metal fountains.

This is a sampling of the various outdoor water fountain designs available. Pick one of these designs the next time you renovate your landscaping. You can’t go wrong adding a custom indoor water fountains.

  1. Custom indoor fountains design ideas

Custom indoor fountains can create added value and peace for your pool. You can choose a very simplistic font, or go for a special and unique style. Read on for several different types of custom indoor water features designs so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

  1. Inside the custom wall fountains

A custom wall fountains can be elaborate or moderate. As your pool is built, you can add a fountain design that resembles the main structure of the wall. It will have the same stone and finish as the rest of the pool. The pool water will flow into a small channel, and a pump will recycle it through a thin slot in the wall. The wall extends over the rest of the pool. This type of fountain can be extended to multiple areas of the pool and different heights. The water recycling process happens anyway, so it could be a good source.

  1. Natural rock custom water walls

You may want to create a cozy cave where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors. Using rocks as a custom water wall fountain is not a new concept and is used quite often at the edge of ponds or small water treatments, including fountains. These tend to be quite large and resemble an actual waterfall that falls from a rock wall. This design starts with a bathtub that is placed in the area where you want the fountain. Rest on top of the pool, it is covered with a mesh, and the mortar is spread. It is built this way for multiple levels, and then the actual stone is stacked and strategically placed to achieve the final look.

  1. Roman water walls

The Romans are known for the incredible marble works of art that can be seen throughout their territory. A work of wonder is the custom water walls that featured fountains in the shape of their gods with water flowing from the mouth. You can achieve this same majestic face by installing a specific version of one of these faces. The water pump is installed inside the device, and the tubes run through the pool to the face. The water then flows freely from the mouth.


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