Bubble Walls vs Typical Water Features

Bubble Walls vs Typical Water Features

Half of our population wants to try a hand at the next big thing while the other half longs for something that™s unique and reflects their personal taste. It™s incredibly challenging to find something that fits this criterion while looking to decorate your interior corporate space. The trendiest feature in interior decor that enhances visual aesthetics to no end is the bubble wall from Midwest Tropical.  If you™re skeptical as to how bubble walls hold superiority over other traditional water features, then hang on to explore this elite decor statement.


While most water features are of a standard design and shape, bubble walls offer unsurpassed breathtaking water features. The designs include exceptional properties such as color-changing LED lighting, premium quality materials, and a remote control but looked like a futuristic piece of art. The concept behind bubble walls is not only to produce a functioning water feature but an arresting kinetic sculpture that™s guaranteed to elevate your style statement to unmatched levels. Traditional water features do not have the capacity to inculcate so many compelling qualities all in one display, which is why bubble walls clearly hold a higher appeal.

Fill in the void

Sometimes your property has this humongous blank space that is in need of some art piece or a pop of color. Instead of opting for traditional water features, which everyone keeps using for the same purpose, bubble walls can bring you all that you desire and more. Bubble walls also supersede other decoration options such as paintings and artificial plants in a way that you never grow tired of staring into a mesmerizing bubble wall, whereas all other stuff can grow old pretty quickly.

Sustainable versatility

If you think bubble walls can only blend in with modern decor, then you have another thing coming. They have the ability to transform practically any environment with any theme. Whether it™s a rustic-themed restaurant, a pulsating bar, an industrial loft, or a sleek and modern office, bubble walls can be customized to your needs and create bold style statements that simply aren™t possible with traditional water features. When opting for bubble walls, you™re choosing a bespoke art piece that reflects your taste and brand identity.

If you™re concerned about maintenance and long-term care, then bubble walls are godsends. They are extremely easy to care for when compared to other water features such as aquariums and indoor ponds. Aside from ensuring flawless bubble flow, there™s not much more to do except marvel at this ingenious invention.

Personalization options galore

Bubble walls offer a chance to create custom water features that can be used to advertise your brand long before people have a chance to interact with you. Regardless of the type of business, bubble walls can carry your business logo on the panel and showcase your creativity to no end. It will be an impressive source of inspiration and confidence that people have as soon as they walk in the door. It will not come as much of a surprise when your bubble wall brings in high-end clientele that believes in your taste because of your intelligent choice to go for bubble walls.

They also work as room dividers in place of the usual walls and partitions. Here™s your chance to highlight why you™re the best in the business with a decision as straightforward as choosing a bubble wall.

Midwest Tropical holds the key to all your decor problems with innovative bubble walls. No longer do you have to hunt far and wide for something rare and exclusively yours since bubble walls are all that and so much more!

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