Best Indoor Waterfall Design

Indoor water features perfectly complement the decor and creates a place for natural relaxation. Whether it is an office room, a dining room, a lobby, a cafe, a hallway, or any other area, water features are bound to compliment the surroundings.

Midwest Tropical introduces you to some water feature structures that can be your latest addition to your space to overhaul and create a look that catches the eyes. There are uncountable options to give every room an unmatched appearance.

Hanging Bubble Waterfall

A hanging bubble waterfall wall is made out of professional grade cell cast acrylic and comprises circular features to achieve a dynamic look. As the waterfall is turned on, bubbles start flowing in a curved and wavy path, creating strikingly stunning visions. Once the waterfall gets installed, you will be taken aback by the aura that it will create.

Grande Waterfall

With a size range between 8 to 10 feet, the grande waterfall consists of crystal-clear tempered glass with a hint of stainless steel trim. The unique water feature creates a tranquil atmosphere, with a soothing sound elevating your mood. It is an ideal water structure to be placed in hotels or restaurants where customers can enjoy having a meal or conversation surrounded by the light, soothing, and calm flow of water.

Vertical Bubble Waterfall

To give your space a truly magnificent touch, the vertical bubble panel with color-changing LED lights is the ideal choice. The bubble waterfall emits an incredible array of bubbles that become more pronounced with LED lighting. You have the freedom to change the color and the emerging patterns using a hand-held remote. The automated system enables rotation, creating a striking spectrum of colors. The bubbly waterfall lightens the surrounding air, giving the room or location it is installed in a lively look.

A Wall Waterfall

The tall and slender wall waterfall has a modern midnight black slate and mirrored water surface. Giving the waterfall an exquisite touch are the hand-picked slate tiles and mirrored water surface that creates a magical ambiance in the room. The wall waterfall can be installed in different rooms with separate slate tiles that complement the decor of each room.

Garden Bamboo Waterfall

The Garden Bamboo waterfall has a glass panel that comes embedded with realistic bamboo designs that has a dark copper trim and a professional-grade halogen light. Together the bamboo design and flowing water create a natural and soothing environment that relaxes a tired mind.

These few wall waterfall designs for your commercial or residential interiors adds an exquisite and unique element. It improves the aesthetics of the surroundings, and you will never feel that any of the structure has been squeezed in, creating a cramped look.

Midwest Tropical has unique and exquisite water features, including incredible designs of a waterfall that complement the look of your surroundings, giving it a distinctive and remarkable look. Contact us to find a perfect combination for your commercial project.

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