Three Ways To Get More Customers Into Your Salon

Three Ways To Get More Customers Into Your Salon

Every salon has the common challenge of finding and retaining more customers. You have other salons in the area, competing with you over price point, services, etc. Of course, promoting your salon is important, but your promotional efforts need to attract your target customers and make them want to choose your salon over the many other options available. What helps your salon gain an edge? Try these three methods to find more customers for your salon.

Focus on Location-Based Marketing

A salon is the type of business that needs to reach local clients looking for your service. This means you need to put more effort into marketing to your location than other marketing methods used by Internet-based businesses.

Make sure that when someone is looking for salons in your area, he or she will find yours. There are numerous ways to accomplish this goal. Add location-based keywords to your website and social media pages. For instance, write “hair salon in Waco, TX” rather than just “hair salon”. You can also get ads in local publications, use Facebook advertising and find other ways to reach your audience. Plus, it will help if you can add a distinguishing feature such as being an eco-friendly salon or the only salon in the area carrying a certain product line.

Host Events

Hosting events at your salon gives you a prime way to drum up new business while exciting current customers. This method of increasing your customer base perfectly complements the social nature of a salon. Throw parties every so often that you can promote on social media and advertising. Your events could include makeovers, product reveals and any other elements you choose.

Another idea is to sponsor events. Charities and businesses are often looking for sponsors to offset the cost of their events and to raise funds. By sponsoring, you can get your brand in front of a local audience interested in the event. You’ll do even better if you sponsor an event targeted to your customer base, such as a women’s function.

Add a Relaxing Water Feature

Providing a great experience is an effective way of increasing business through word of mouth. On top of excellent service, the atmosphere in your salon matters. By creating a rejuvenating spa-like experience in your salon, you’ll attract attention and encourage people to return. Incorporating a water feature into your design offers the relaxing sight and sounds of moving water. This is a unique feature that not every salon in the area will have. Let people know about your relaxing environment through images, videos and descriptive text within your marketing efforts.

Consider adding water features to your waiting area and other spaces within the salon for visual and auditory appeal. These features will enhance the environment for patrons and staff. You could choose from various custom water features — including an enticing bubble wall, a soothing rain curtain or a water wall that acts as an indoor waterfall.

These three methods can help you reach new customers and encourage current ones to return. By connecting with your audience, creating a spa-like atmosphere and offering fun events, you’ll become the salon everyone wants to visit.

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