The Art of Rain Curtain Water Features

To decorate a modern living room, a hall or a shop, Rain Curtain Water Features are like indoor waterfalls that invite you to relax by combining light and the sound of falling water. In Midwest Tropical, we tell you more about the Indoor Water Walls decoration.

What is a Bubble Water Wall

A bubble water wall and indoor water walls are a way of being in contact with nature. They are ideal in business halls, clinics, beauty salons, SPAs, and also at home if you want to create a unique decoration. These unique rain curtain water features allow you to enjoy a different embellishment with the effect of water that seems suspended in the air. The frames are light and also have excellent translucent qualities so that they do not subtract light. Many indoor water walls allow the projection of images for shops, companies or bars.

Indoor Water Walls are like closed-loop fountains that work independently. The water circulates constantly in a pump. This pump has a receiving tank that takes it back to the pipe that dumps it back into the wall of water. The rest is done by the force of gravity. Once the internal installation of the indoor waterfall is completed, stones or shells can be added as an ornament. The water wall is also made with LED colored lights and recycled materials.

The installation of a Bubble Water Wall does not take much time, although it is preferable to do it for professionals. If it is small, you can assemble them yourself following the instructions. Water walls are ideal for separating spaces or environments. The different designs of Indoor Water Walls can create amazing effects.

What is the way to embellish with a Bubble Water Wall

Bubble Water Wall panels when traveling between two wider panels facilitate the formation of bubbles on the water wall. We can also integrate tinted LED lights for embellishment.

A Bubble Water Wall is a wall appliance that, as the name suggests, is made up in part of water. Sometimes this style of the wall allows the water to flow, like a waterfall. It is an object of decoration both indoors and outdoors. This water wall has the advantage of being attractive in its appearance and the sound it produces.

What is it made of? These Rain Curtain Water Features can be found with different tools: with or without lighting, with or without waterfalls, etc. The water wall can be made of various materials: poly-resin, steel, stainless steel, glass, plexiglass, slate, marble, stone, etc.

Where do we put it? The Rain Curtain Water Features is installed on the facade of an interior wall or an exterior wall. It can also be used as a partition in the middle of a space.

Indoor Water Walls is an essential part of the Zen style. 

The atmosphere that emerges from Indoor Water Walls is simply relaxation, serenity. It is a real plus for exterior decoration and a true work of art for the interior. Indoor Water Walls provide a minimalist and modern look. Your design can also include jets of water for a touch of fantasy. But its qualities are not only visual. The water wall is a natural humidifier of the air as well as the best reform to conceal bothersome sounds. Finally, it is undoubtedly Zen. The wall of water calms the spirits and facilitates meditation. So, what are you waiting for? Choose Indoor Water Walls in contemporary or artistic features for your home.


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