Contemporary Water Features How To Build A Copper Indoor Fountain

The construction of a copper indoor fountainis one of the most beautiful structures globally, as copper is used to creating beautiful pieces of architecture and art. Copper fountains can be built anywhere. Copper designs help to illuminate the room or any space and fill it with relaxation and tranquility.

In an office, installing a copper fountain would be very helpful. These cool indoor fountains are known to offer a sense of tranquility to clients entering the office when they hear the soft sound of running water on the copper. Second, these cool indoor water fountains are designed to give you peace of mind and a sensual feeling at home.

Build your custom contemporary water features

Before building a copper fountain or a copper bowl water feature, you need to consider a few things.

Step 1: style and planning

You need to make sure what style you need. There are various cool indoor fountains such as floor models, outdoor styles, wall-mounted fountains, and many more. You can also build the copper fountain outside in your garden or hang it on the wall. It is your wish. Once the style of your copper water fountain is decided, you can start planning then. Make a design of your copper fountain, using the copper pieces that you intend to use when making your cool indoor fountains.

Step 2: shopping

Then you need to make a list of all the supplies you need when building a copper fountain. Go shopping at any of the salvage yards and houses. You will be able to find all the necessary things you need in these places.

Step 3: Gathering the Tools

Your newly purchased tools would mainly include a drill, saw, screwdrivers for metal cutting blades and an instrument for shaping your pipe, a container for the tank, pipe, small stones, a shovel, as well as a pump and, of course, water.


Step 4: connect the tube

You need to connect all the tubes and ensure the water pump is set to a medium-high setting.

Step 5: cleaning

First clean your copper with the help of lemons dipped in salt and rinsed the copper. This is essential.

Step 6: shape the copper

Then form your copper into a zigzag or spiral. It’s totally up to you, and make sure you wrap the pipe, so it doesn’t get scratched.

Step 7: final steps

Gather all the elements of your font. This can be a bunch of rocks in a big bucket. You need to make sure that the head of the fountains pours the water back into the reservoir. Don’t forget to have a special mount for your copper water fountain, and add a copper base and a top, taking into account the weight of the water.

Step 8: decoration

Lastly, you can also decorate your copper fountain with lighting and engraving and surround it with pebbles in a beautiful way.


Contemporary water features have a beautiful coated finish, enhancing your home or workplace. It will end up providing soothing sounds with a relaxation and stress relief benefit. You can also find Copper fountains in different materials such as slate, marble, stainless steel, fiber, glass, and other types of art.

If you don’t want to have large accessories around your pool and prefer something mute, a Copper fountain may be what you are looking for. Choose an end where you would like to place this font or put it in the center. The fountain mechanics are located on the pool floor. The source is tied somewhere near the surface. A powerful pump pushes the water through the hoses, and what you get is a column of water that breaks the water’s surface.

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