Trendiest Water Wall Features for 2020

2020 zooms its focus on interior design. The latest interior designing tricks all revolve around the wall water features because water has a very calming and soothing effect on its surroundings. Though water fountains are symbolic of the most exquisite type of interior designing, in recent years water walls have gained tremendous popularity. This is because of quite a few reasons.

  • Water walls, unlike water fountains, contain water between the acrylic panels ensuring no spillage and hence can be showcased anywhere without the added hassle of extensive cleaning.
  • Water walls pose very minimal maintenance costs.
  • The water wall can be used as a barrier between different rooms, much like the fogged glasses that were very common in the past decade and can be a very pleasant addition in offices to ensure privacy between cabins.

Due to the gaining popularity of water walls, there is a lot of diversity now offered in this phenomenal decorative piece. If you too plan on upgrading your private or commercial property, then incorporate any of these trendy water walls to give the place a soothing and a healthy vibe.

The Ever-Enticing Bubble Wall

Bubble wall, like the name suggests, are acrylic panels filled with water with air passing through them to create bubbles. They offer a lot of variety by being available in many different sizes, with some having the added features of inbuilt LED lights to give a colorful display. Other than having them as independently standing walls, you could also customize it to function as your table™s legs.

You could also have your bubble wall imitate an aquarium by having sky-blue tinted panels, so now you could enjoy the underwater serenity at your home.

Wall Waterfall

Have you ever stared at those waterfall fountains with a deep longing? You must have been put off by the puddles of water collected at your feet. Waterfall fountains may be a hit outdoors and in open places, but many find it an impractical addition to their living rooms. However, waterfall walls provide you with a middle way. Using the same technology of water wall, the flow of water imitates that of a waterfall. You could customize this beautiful waterfall wall, and add the background music of the pitter-patter of the water drops. This will create a very peaceful and melodious environment and make your interiors the talk of the town.

Personalize Your Water Wall

Step up your game and personalize your water wall. This is not as hard as it may sound because the water wall offers many flexible features for you to take advantage of. You could do it through these ways:

  • Incorporate Your Water Walls Into Your Furniture

As complex as it sounds, this will be a big hit in your home. You could make the water wall at the back panel for your bed and contrast the glamorous wall with a very decent bedroom furniture. Likewise, these water walls could be used as your table legs, so that you have a mesmerizing center table.

  • Customize The Back Panel Of Your Water Wall

The back panel of the water wall does not necessarily have to be plain acrylic. It could be customized to display a ridged, brick surface. This could give your acrylic walls a more natural look. It would be as good as bringing the outdoors indoors.

  • Feature Colors in Your Bubble Wall

Vibrant colors can easily uplift anybody™s mood. You could have colorful Led lights installed in your bubble walls to create a heavenly look. Now your bubble walls will not only produce relaxing bubbles, but also glow to reflect your mood. You could have a lot of colors installed at the same time to create a colorful contrast.

  • Have Them installed linear Or Curvy

Do you plan on going overboard? Fret not! Water walls offer you all chances to become unique with your masterpiece. Have your water walls installed against a wavy backdrop to create an even more dynamic effect. Just imagine if a linear water wall can hypnotize, what effect a curvy wall achieve?

So, what are you waiting for? Have these water walls installed at your office or home from your next month™s renovation budget for nothing can enliven a boring place better than these happening water walls. They are sure to mesmerize every guest. You can instantly install these wall water features to have your guests compliment the interior designer in you.

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