Why Should I Install A Commercial Water Fountain?

Businesses these days are focusing more on overall customer experience, not only quality, satisfaction, excellence or commitment. They seem to be just heavy words when your client hasn™t worked with you before. And so, commercial water fountains, or any other custom water feature that would emit soothing vibes is a sure-fire way to capture the attention of a potential client and turn them to a loyal customer.

Installing the water fountain in a lobby is one of those many ways that businesses find to leave a lasting impact on their visitors. But, the advantages aren™t limited to this. More and more companies are getting commercial water fountains installed at their corporate, operational sites and some of them at the warehouses too. There are many reasons why they prefer installing a typical water feature over other decor items. Here, we are talking about the top 5 benefits corporates are enjoying while showcasing their business.

The First Impression Is The Last

Every business or brand wants to have a good impression, and they want the same impact to last too. Often, it is the first impression that dictates what the customer thinks of the business, or simply put, whether he is going to lock the deal or not. Just imagine the serene and cooling vibes the placed water feature emits to the client who is deciding whether or not to hand over the project!

A Great Way To Greet Your Guests

Installing a commercial water fountain is a great way to greet your guests. People may forget what they discussed with you in the first meeting, but they will, for sure, remember the beautiful large water fountain around with a piece of good luck, good morning or some other inspirational quote placed near the fountain. Experts suggest that such quotes and motivational lines read unexpectedly can light up the mood of the clients and increase your chances of getting a project.

Let It Shout Out Your Brand!

You can affix your company logo and name in the fountain. Not only does it give a good first sight, but it is also a great way to advertise your business. The fascinating look with the logo may stay lodged in the memories of your customers. Why not use it as part of your worthy branding tool kit? Corporates, while choosing such decor, make sure they follow the right brand color theme, and the overall environment matches the color palette of their brand.

Make Your Employees Feel Home!

A workplace doesn™t have to be spacious. It doesn™t have to be colorful all the time, or dim or anything else as per the requirements of each employee. It should be visually appealing and naturally captivating. Attractive workplaces make employees feel comfortable. They want to spend time over there, and overtime doesn™t seem scary or boring. Such workplaces also send out soothing vibes, ensuring safety and care for personal well-being. Ad when employees are stress-free, they have something to liberate their stress at when they are tired, they are eventually going to be more productive. When installing a commercial water fountain outside an executive area, client meeting room or next to the manager™s cabin,

Customers Should Enjoy Their Waiting Time!

Let™s admit “ nobody loves waiting! And especially not when you are out on a sunny day, trying to crack a deal, choosing a vendor or so on. If the waiting area and waiting time are boring, then your potential client is good to go off in full speed and would never return. And that™s the reason we have magazines, newspapers and sometimes popular classic novels placed in the waiting premises with comfortable sofas in designer boutiques, dentist clinics, logistic houses etc. Use these commercial water fountains as a super cool idea to let your customers enjoy while they wait. Let them gaze, stare, drool and lock their eyes on the water feature, which makes them close to nature.

Don™t just deliver quality to your customers. Give them experiences to reflect, and that™s what will make them come back to you with more! Find some peace of mind with these commercial water fountains and gift some to all of your stakeholders too!


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