Choosing The Right Water Feature For Your Commercial Project

Choosing The Right Water Feature For Your Commercial Project

When constructing or renovating your commercial project, features that can light up your spaces or enliven them should always be in your mind. Water features are one such thing to consider that can lift up your space, adding extra interest and functionality to it.

There are uncountable alternatives when it comes to water features that all have a range of shapes and sizes. From indoor waterfall to bubble walls and fountains, you have as many options as you can think of. However, choosing the suitable water feature for your commercial project is more than what you want. You have to keep in check your budget and purpose before you sift out the potential pick from all the options.

Midwest Tropical enlists all the essential determinants that will help you choose the right water feature for the interior of your commercial project.

Decide Your Budget and Stick To It

Budget is a requisite for anything that you plan to purchase. Create a general budget in your mind when you are exploring your options. Make sure you count the additional cost as well that you might have to pay for the installation, electrical work, and maintenance. In case you have to add items that complement your water feature, make sure you factor in their costs as well. For instance, if you plan to add colors or a range of colors to your bubble wall with lighting or decoration items at its end, make sure you count the extra cost that you might incur.

Decide The Purpose Your Water Feature Has To Play

While you narrow down the list of potential purchases, do keep in mind the purpose your water feature is to play. Water features come in several designs and styles for creating impressions or drowning the sound pollution. If you want to create a relaxed and calm office room, a bubble wall can be a striking addition.

Size of The Area You Intend To Install The Water feature In

Dimensions of the area where the water feature has to be installed is very important. You can draw a rough design to scale so that you have idea of the consumed place. Leave out a little extra space to retain the spacious look of the building.

The place of the water feature is determined by the purpose. If you want people to sit around flowing water, you should leave out space for creating a sitting area.

Types of Water Features You Can Choose From

There are numerous water feature options that can be as simple as a free-standing fountain or a simple indoor waterfall. You have to consider whether the water feature has to be the dominating factor in a room or should silently stand at the side or corner. There are other factors too that depend on:

  • Size of the water feature
  • Style, color, and overall design of the water feature
  • Materials used in its making
  • Wiring done around the water features for running the circulating pumps
  • Maintenance of the structure

Choosing a water feature is not difficult. Water features add tranquility and beauty to any place they are placed in. With so many options available, there is no reason not to add them and make your commercial project visually appealing.

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