Your House is Missing Feng Shui Interior Wall Waterfalls

Your House is Missing Feng Shui Interior Wall Waterfalls

Feng Shui indoor water fountains such as waterfall on wall helps you ensure that the energy of your commercial space, in its different phases, is in balance so that each of the spaces in your workplace is warm, comfortable, and pleasant. Check out the bubble wall kit here.

And for this balance, interior wall waterfalls must be present in a harmonious way since they will determine the energy at your place. And, consequently, how you will feel in it!

Why is it important to find the balance?

We are going to explain it to you with two simple examples:

  1. On the one hand, imagine that you love happy colors, very bright and even dark. If you have the walls of your rest room painted with those colors, it can give you good energy. But you may not rest well, and you will need to incorporate other elements that allow you a good rest.
  2. If white is everywhere in your workplace: walls, furniture, and decoration. This can give you the feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness, although it also supposes an energy imbalance due to excess coldness. The solution? Use inside waterfalls that activate a little the energy of the room and give it more warmth. And then I explain how to get warmth in your place.

Let’s go for it!

As you can see, wall water features indoor is almost a little “game”. If you master the essential Feng Shui principles using indoor water fountains, you will be able to balance the energy in your workspace so that it becomes the place where you can be most comfortable and at ease.

Although for that, you must know well each of the elements, the type of energy they represent, and how you can incorporate them properly through your decoration.

5 Feng Shui elements: water and waterfall wall

Interior wall waterfalls represent the energy that flows, being an element in permanent movement. It is a great help to give you that stimulus that you sometimes need when you feel blocked. It is usually associated with intelligence since it always finds its way to overcoming obstacles. And also, dynamism and confidence!

The excellence of the wall water features indoor in Feng Shui is bringing mental clarity, flow, calm.

However, you have to be careful: a little water is fine, but too much makes everything seem like it is getting out of hand, giving you the feeling that you have little control of your life and a lot of instability. So, why not opt for inside waterfalls?

The water element in your objects

How to know if a waterfall wall belongs to the water element? You can determine it based on a series of attributes:

The color of the water element of Feng Shui

What color do you think the waterfall wall can represent? Easy, the color blue! And yes, the entire range of blues corresponds to water and the energy it represents. You also have to include dark tones, gray and black.

The shape of the Feng Shui indoor water fountains

Think of the movement of water: in the form of waves, meandering. All that decoration that presents a wavy shape would belong to this element since it is reminiscent of that movement.

The material of the waterfall on wall

The most obvious thing to add the water element in space is, precisely, waterfall on wall. These interior wall waterfalls are some of the most representative objects.

The representation of the water element

Sometimes you will not be able to use the color, shape, or material, but there is a characteristic of the five elements of Feng Shui that it will surely be easy for you to incorporate at your place. Interior wall waterfalls unquestionably enhance energy.

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