How do water features fit in with interior decor?

How do water features fit in with interior decor?

Modern, chic, industrial”the list is as long as the day. Many business owners face a challenge due to a lack of familiarity with terms and concepts that can be used to define their personal interior design style. There are many modern design concepts that can be utilized while designing commercial interiors, and luckily wall water features, indoor, fit seamlessly with all of them. Midwest Tropical has unwavering faith in the ability of water features to transform any place in any way you desire, which is why we offer a wide variety for all styles and preferences. Let™s familiarize ourselves with the styles and see how water features can become an integral part of each one.


The term modern is pretty broad and typically encompasses a space with clean, crisp lines, simple tones of colors in combination with materials that include glass, metal, and steel. Modern design is based on the simplicity reflected in every element, including furniture and decoration items. Sleek is the term generally used to design modern interior decor, and that™s basically a place that is free of clutter or accessories. Indoor water features come with a lot of customization options nowadays, thanks to technology. This is why you can choose the same building material as your decor and create a focal point that can pull the whole room together. You can go as subtle as you like and create visually pleasing aesthetics while remaining committed to the modern theme.


Often used interchangeable, modern and contemporary are different from each other. Contemporary refers to anything that™s currently ˜in.™ Contemporary interior design is more fluid and represents the present reality instead of sticking to a particular style. For instance, contemporary designs may include curving lines, whereas modern design sticks to clean ones. Water walls can blend in well with the contemporary theme with ease since they can be designed using abstract ideas or curving lines that are a reflection of your contemporary theme.


Minimalism is a concept that™s gaining popularity in all areas of life but especially in interior design. What do minimalists do? They simplify further the notions of modern design. Neutral and airy color pallets are used; furnishings are streamlined and convenient, and nothing flamboyant can be found in other decor or accessories. Minimalism is carrying the concept of modernism a step further into functionality and super-clean lines. Water features fit seamlessly into minimalistic interior decor since they can be designed using the same concept as your theme. You can let go of all the extravagance and grandeur and opt for a rain curtain that takes up a single wall in the entire space, leaving you faithful to your minimalistic theme.


The industrial theme is uber-popular in many business places, such as restaurants and cafes. As the name implies, the industrial theme draws inspiration from warehouses and urban lofts. The theme attracts a lot of unfinished rawness in several elements, so it™s not uncommon to have some exposed brick, wood, and ductwork. An iconic workplace with an industrial design theme would be a renovated warehouse or a former industrial building. Indoor water features have several materials that gel well with this theme since stone and wood are some of the most used when designing customized water features.

Wall water features indoors, from Midwest Tropical, are guaranteed to suit all your interior decor aspirations with fantastic ease. You don™t have to fret over if and how they will fit into your space since there™s little that these amazing inventions can™t do when it comes to creating bold style statements.

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