How To Plan Design And Install Bubble Light Tubes

Do you want to use new decorating techniques every time, intending to start a boring repair and renovation of the home or apartment’s interior? A rain curtain waterfall or bubble light tubes in the reception area of ‹‹a hotel recalls its presence in your imagination. Want to indulge yourself with stylish new decor but don’t know how to approach it? Today, we invite you to know all about the rain curtain waterfall.

The secret of water 

Aquatic Design is seen to be confidently regarded as the most attractive and prestigious method of interior decoration. Unique styling products in the form of bubble light tubes create an incredible atmosphere of relaxation. The play of light and the movement of air bubbles in cylindrical panels or colonnades attract attention and harmoniously convey the dynamics of powerful elements, domesticated and refined by the impressive design of a modern interior. The ancient secret of the quintessential air and water is concentrated in simple and original columns of bubbles and waterfalls.

The first impression of intriguing water bubble lights or a rain curtain waterfall ignites a passionate desire to bring something similar at home.However, we advise you immediately that the installation and connection process will require specific knowledge and skills.

What are bubble light tubes, and how to create a decoration in an apartment or a house?

The design and working principle of the bubble light tubes is simple. Therefore, it is of most interest. Water bubble lights are a flat tank filled with distilled water, sometimes glycerol. Given the physical properties of air bubbles rising in water, the principle of creating original panels is simple. The source of those same air bubbles is the compressor generator, whose performance can reach thousands of air bubbles. Also, bubble flow control is implemented by installing a control unit panel at the bottom of the case. To create the original lighting, use LED technology with the use of RGB controllers.

Where can I install the bubble light tubes panel?

The mobility and ease of installation of the bubble light tubes panel design allow it to be used in apartments, offices or public places:

  • In the form of partitions
  • Install in niches and on the podium.
  • Fix the panel box to the wall or ceiling.

The secret of air bubble light tubes lies in the characteristics of their design. Any of the structures – panels, waterfalls or colonnades is interesting because the flowing or falling water is in the right place.

Panels Inside

The extraordinary nature of aquatic design and its original decoration ideas lies in the accentuation of attention is promoted by the harmony of technically executed water runoff or the play of air bubbles with other decorative elements. Therefore, bubble light tubes can be placed in the hallway or living room, kitchen, and office. Such versatility is inherent in the design features.

Bubble Panels

The main part of water bubble lights or bubble light tubes is a double layer sheet tank of acrylic or triplex glass.For the formation and creation of panels with a material thickness of 12-16 mm, a width of up to 1200 mm and a length of up to several meters is required. For the panel’s design and manufacture, sealing the ends of an assembled acrylic sheet in a flat or round tank is a prerequisite. The functions and the structure of a large volume and weight of distilled water and equipment to create a stream of bubbles are placed on the bottom of the tank.



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