Catapult your Business to the Future with Water Features

Catapult your Business to the Future with Water Features

Who doesn’t want their business premises to reflect the future? Everyone wishes to be in business with someone who knows how to keep up with the times, and your interiors decor speaks volumes about it long before you do. The future is almost here, and with indoor water features from Midwest Tropical, you can create the perfect ambiance that’s reflective of your efforts to keep up with the times.

If you’re looking for idiosyncratic and unorthodox ways to spruce up your commercial space, then you have come to the right place. Depending on your running theme, you can choose to have a customized water feature in place of other traditional decor items.

Futuristic Design Elements

The futuristic design is primarily characterized by long dynamic lines, strong chromaticism, urgency, and lyricism. Asymmetry is also one of its most prominent features. Fortunately, water fits in seamlessly with this concept, and so do DIY bubble walls. Bubble walls are available in varied materials and designs where they fit in perfectly with the futuristic decor. Wavy horizontal lines are a trademark of the futuristic interior, and your bubble walls can be based to match your theme.

This allows you to go with untraditional decoration ideas instead of looking for stuff that matches your futuristic vision. You can incorporate several materials such as plastic, metal, glass, and leather. And as for colors, you can choose from several, including shiny silver, grey, white, black and lighter shades of green, red and yellow.

Inspiration from Science Fiction

If you’re a science fiction aficionado, particularly those related to the future and our vision of it, then you’ll be happy to know that futuristic design is your chance to make it a part of your interior decor. Themes like time-travel, digital age, and new age wave are trendy within the style. If you wish to reflect your business style and work ethic through your decor and impress prospective clients and investors with your vision, then this is the theme that will work wonders for you, especially when you use water features to make your point. Water features can seamlessly fit into this decor since they can be made with the use of semi-transparent and plain surfaces with polished finishing.

Avant-garde Decoration

To say that futuristic design decoration is avant-garde would be an understatement. You can bid farewell to eclectic decoration and conventional stylings. The futuristic decoration is somewhat similar to that of minimalist design, being a fusion between creativity and minimalism. Wall features with strong geometric undertones are a great fit, and indoor water features can be utilized to make bold style statements. You can go with a monochromatic theme creating harmony between neutral background and bright accents. Straight and smooth lines can be used to execute a futuristic, sci-fi vibe and take it one step further with leather furniture.

Futuristic Furniture

Several elements make up the whole interior theme, and that includes furniture. Every aspect must carry the dynamic spirit of futuristic design. Anyone who visits your corporate office is going to carry a lasting impression, which means paying attention to every detail with care. Think glass tables with a steel base, leather upholstery, and fancy shelving cabinets. The same specifications can be used while ordering a customized water feature to create a strong focal point.

Midwest Tropical’s DIY bubble walls and other water features are the epitome of versatility. They fit in with whatever theme you choose to go with and can help you create original and authentic decor that you can claim to be exclusively yours.

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