6 Reason You Definitely Need a Bubble Wall

6 Reason You Definitely Need a Bubble Wall

Bubble walls come with exceptional benefits that make them a superior alternative to artificial plants, wall art, aquariums, and even traditional indoor water features. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the possibilities of using bubble walls and how they can improve the environment of a building where they are installed.


Here are some of the benefits laid out more precisely:


Bubble water wall features tend to be heavy and are made from solid bases and thick acrylic panels which make them virtually impossible to knock over. Acrylic bubble walls are durable to sustain every day bumping and touching and are difficult to scratch and break, making them kid-friendly. With appropriate maintenance, bubble wall features can survive for many years.

Spellbinding LED Lighting:

Not only do bubble water walls or panels provide unique, calming bubble action, but they come in a range of colored LED lighting, making them equally functional through day & night.

Conveniently Operated with a Remote Control

Conventional business, office and restaurant décor aren’t functional unless additional lighting is fitted. With LED-lit bubble walls, the LED lighting is built-in, improving the bubble walls’ intended effect. Additionally, the lighting of these LED bubble walls is conveniently operated with the touch of a remote button.

Minimal Maintenance:

Over time, dust and debris accumulate on office or restaurant décor, particularly on artificial plants, taking away the business’ sanitary and professional appeal. Traditional water features accumulate algae in places that are hard to reach. Aquariums need constant upkeep and cleaning to keep algae at bay and fish alive. The maintenance of these items can be time-consuming and messy. With bubble walls, the maintenance is easy and minimal. Ideally, such fountains need to be cleaned every two months with a thorough cleaning every four months. Disassembly and reassembly of the fountain are easy and feasible and don’t wet the cleaning person. Routine maintenance simply involves sponging the acrylic panels.

Advertisement banner:

The acrylic glass, used for the creation of water bubble walls, works brilliantly for gluing or engraving different kinds of advertisement slogans. Wouldn’t you like a company logo, engraved on a hanging water wall, illuminated with a beautifully-refracted and multi-colored LED lighting, at the background of ascending air bubbles? It is guaranteed to catch everyone’s attention!

Product display:

The above-described visual effects offered by bubble water bubble walls may be utilized as a display for various products. Add several shelves, and you can display perfumes, drinks, alcohols or any other product, which may take benefit from a beautiful background of ascending air bubbles.

Trust Midwest Tropical’s Capabilities for Custom Bubble Walls

Midwest Tropical manufactures fully enclosed bubble wall systems with all forms of special features. Pick from LED lighting, shaped glass, and other aspects that can make your bubble wall or panel a real statement piece. We create all our bubble walls in-house — managing everything from the design to the installation with our experienced, professional team. Through our extensive experience in the industry, we’ve created designs that were more than 100 feet long and up to 30 feet high — the sky’s the limit when working with Midwest Tropical.

See for yourself how bubble walls or panels are integrated beautifully in business décor by browsing the extensive selection of acrylic bubble walls at Midwest Tropical. We are proud to be offering custom bubble walls, quality LED bubble walls, wall-mounted bubble walls, and free-standing bubble walls for high-end corporate clients. We use only the highest quality of materials. Get in touch with Midwest Tropical’s expert architects today to learn more about custom bubble wall water features.


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