How to Make a Statement with Customized Water Feature With Your Company Logo


Water features for businesses offer prime places for your companys logo to be visible to patrons, guests, as well as patients. Midwest Tropical can create fully customized indoor water features featuring unique material combinations, sizes, and shapes as well as have the ability to engrave or affix your companys logo on bubble walls.


Business logos can be customized on any corporate indoor water feature, including bubble wall panels. Logos can be created either from vinyl and affixed to the custom water feature or be etched directly onto the bubble wall. Etched logos can be engraved onto stone or glass water features. Vinyl logos are offered on any color of the glass fountain.

People also like personalizing their business office wall fountain or bubble wall using a œpegged logo. Pegged logos are separately created and mounted later to the surface. These forms of logos offer added texture and ensure your business identity stands apart from the competition.

Water feature specialists like Midwest Tropical will consider the size, location, and complexity of your logo and the extent and type of work required for your custom logo water feature when estimating the cost of your project. The level of detail, as well as the color of the fountain, will also be factored into the costs.

How to Customize the Best Bubble Wall to Compliment Your Space

Different spaces call for distinct bubble wall features. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering the right bubble wall for your settings:


Bubble water walls vary significantly in cost from a couple of hundred dollars to those affluently priced in thousands. Classically, the larger, free-standing fountains cost the most while the interior window fountains are the most reasonable. Adding customized features like tubing design and having multi-color lights add to the expenses. Typically, the bigger the bubble water wall feature, the more costly it will be. There are a variety of relaxing, fun, and elegant bubble walls of each size.


Where you want to place your bubble wall feature determines not only the size but also the lighting and style. Youd perhaps get a different bubble wall for a doctors waiting room than for a wall-mounted bubble wall behind the nightclub bar, for instance. Even within the same setting, different rooms can have different decor and vibes that youll want the bubble wall feature to match.

Dimensions and Size.

You wouldnt want to place a huge floor-standing bubble wall in a tapered hallway, nor would you want to put a tiny wall-mounted bubble wall in a huge room with a lot of vacant floor space. The perfect size of the bubble wall should be in proportion to the size of the room or office space. Size is also decided by how dominating of the space you want your indoor water feature to be.


As indoor bubble walls for corporate settings gain popularity, more and more companies have begun to seek their own customized versions of these interior water features. However, not all bubble walls are created the same. Using low-quality materials can result in bubble walls with mechanical malfunctions, leakage, and shorter lifespans. As with most things, youll get the bubble wall you pay for.


Midwest Tropical is virtually the inventor of the bubble wall! Today, we offer a proprietary sealed design that excludes the need for regular maintenance and employ a special closed-loop pump system that prevents water evaporation. Everything is manufactured in our in-house facility, and we install our designs throughout the country and the world. Make your corporate space more attractive and peaceful by adding a custom bubble wall.

Common customizations include colored lighting, sizing, styling, and shape. For a more professional appeal, custom bubble wall features can also be engraved with your business logos.

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