Popular, Intricately Designed Water Features for Corporate Environments “ 2019 Edition

Popular, Intricately Designed Water Features for Corporate Environments – 2019 Edition

Rain Curtain:

Rain curtains are a tremendous design idea to add soothing water trickling to a room. They can be built for both outdoors or indoors. Indoor pieces are classically manufactured from thin transparent strands that run from the top of the system to the water channels where the water is ultimately fed back up through a pump to fall back down in a constant motion again. There are many outstanding photos of rain curtains that can be found online. These pieces can be personalized in virtually any design. One of the finest, industry-leading specialist manufacturing rain curtains, are Midwest Tropicals who have virtually invented enclosed water wall systems and cater to a wide range of high-end corporate clients. Speak to the experts at Midwest Tropical to learn about some of the possibilities.

Rock waterfall:

This form of water features uses different materials ranging from natural stone, boulders, veneer panels, concrete, fiberglass, brick, gfrc, and even styrofoam. A lot of specialist waterfall companies prefer fiberglass over the alternatives due to the flexible nature and lightweight of the rock. As it is molded off of actual rocks, the rocks preserve the same textures like that of the natural rocks. The rocks can be painted with any color and even painted again for a color transformation for a different season. Rock waterfalls with natural stone are typically seen in ordinary landscaping gardens whereas artificial rock waterfalls are observed around tropical pools and resort-like business environments.

When retrofitting a waterfall onto a standing pool, it is essential to note that the weight of concrete or building materials can cause cracking damage if not careful. Fiberglass rocks are a safer and more affordable alternative.


Midwest Tropical architects are pioneers when it comes to custom water walls. This form of custom water feature entails slow trickling or cascading down of water from the top of the wall. The water is fed back up using a pump and tube to the top, and the process continues. Most water walls need a filter to be installed to prevent clogging from mineral build-up. They serve as an elegant corporate water feature idea that can go with both outdoor and indoor settings. There are different sounds of cascading water based on the type of material used for the front panel. These are increasing in popularity particularly in corporate settings. Many companies are opting to have a glass or acrylic water wall with their logo carved in it. Compliment it with LED lighting, and it will make for a visually spectacular piece of decor.

Waterfall Spillway / Scupper / Sheer Descent / Sheet Fall / Ledge Fall:

Scuppers denotes a water feature where water flows down a small ledge before flowing down into a pool, pond, or water container. There are many names, variations along with materials (acrylic, aluminum, fiberglass, plastic) to choose from. These produce better sound than a rain curtain or water wall and offer spectacular nightly views with the addition of LED strip lights integrated into the spillways. The sheet falls, and waterfall spillways are similar in that they are thin flattened flows of water flowing down in a long line through the width of the spillway unit.

Laminar Jet:

A water feature gaining popularity among DIY (do it yourself) enthusiast. Many high-end laminar jets that are programmable can go for more than several thousand dollars per unit. These laminar flows offer the impression of a spectacular LED-lighted tube. At night you will observe the LED lighting flowing through the tube cast light into the zone where the water flows into the pool. An essential for nighttime pool enthusiasts.

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