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Water features are a huge investment. You wouldn™t like them to deteriorate due to lack of maintenance. When you choose high-end fountains from Midwest Tropical, you only need basic water fountain maintenance to prevent water stains, algae and blocked pipes from ruining the fountain™s aesthetics and function. Well here is a comprehensive guide to taking proper care of a water feature.


Basic Maintenance for a Water Fountain

Water fountains entail easy maintenance when you:

  • use correct cleaning materials
  • set them up appropriately
  • only use safe cleaning practices
  • use distilled water
  • maintain a consistent cleaning schedule

What You ˜Should Not Do™ with a Water Feature

To ensure that your gorgeous water feature continues to look and function well, here are some cleaning mistakes you need to look out for:

Using Tap Water

When tap water rather than distilled water is used, hard water minerals tend to form corrosive spotting, which requires frequent cleaning. Minerals from tap water can result in over-functioning the pump.

Inappropriate Water Levels

Underfilling or overfilling the fountain can lead to spilling, splashing, excessive noise and an over-functioning pump.

Neglecting to Maintain Your Fountain

Light, daily cleaning along with monthly, heavy, thorough cleaning of the fountain is recommended by experts to prevent algae and debris build-up.

Turning Pump On and Off, Frequently

The continuous running of the fountain prevents the build-up of algae, bacteria remnants and water minerals, preventing the fountain from working appropriately. Turning the fountain on and off results in increased strain to the pump and will require repeated cleaning.

Positioning Water Features in High-Traffic Areas

Placing water features in a high traffic zone or alongside a narrow hallway can cause the fountain to keep bumping with people. In addition, indoor water features also have electrical cords, which can be a tripping hazard if the fountain is located far from an electrical channel.

Maintenance of Bubble Walls and Panels

Standard bubble wall maintenance guarantees your ROI for many years. Here are some tips on maintaining your custom bubble wall or panel water feature:

Maintain the appropriate water level

If you have bought a free-standing bubble wall or panels, regular cleaning remains crucial. One of the ways to maintain the beauty and functionality of your bubble wall or panel fountain is to always keep it with an appropriate level of water (check the user™s manual for proper instruction).

Clean the panels frequently

The panels require regular cleaning to eliminate dust, debris and fingerprints. Though they are created with glass, glass cleaner contains abrasive chemicals that can destroy the panel™s surface.

Clean bubble wand tubes frequently

Algae and water deposits may build up on the bubble tubes. Appropriate bubble wall maintenance consists of draining the fountain, taking out the bubble wand tubes and cleaning both the outside and inside using a toothbrush.

Check the tubing and electrical connections

After the water, if the is at its appropriate level, make sure all the electrical connections are accurate and functional. Along with making sure the electrical connections are accurate, check the airline connections for leaks or loose tubes. An issue with airlines will prevent your system from producing bubbles.

Discard clogs

A clog can slow, delay or stop bubble output. It™s important to identify them and clean the clogged tube.

Replace faulty or broken parts

The sooner you get your bubble wall or panel fixed and the broken/faulty part replaced, the sooner and longer you can enjoy your investment.

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