3 Things to Remember when Picking Wall Waterfall Designs

3 Things to Remember when picking Wall Waterfall designs

Wall Waterfalls are elegant interior decor features that are ideal for lobbies, entrances, and welcome passages. Out of all other water features with high tech involvement, this is an indoor item thats not completely fueled by technology and is more inclined towards natural elements and traditional looks. Indicated by the name, this feature closely resembles an actual waterfall that you must have watched as part of your tour or travel experience. And if you havent seen one in real life, Midwest Tropical has a range of these breathtaking water features that you can watch now and install in your office today!

There are, however, three important factors you must remember while choosing a wall waterfall for your commercial space.

  1. Wall Waterfall is made for walls

This indoor water feature, as the name suggests, is for walls only. This means that it is ideal for covering up vertical spaces and not for plain horizontal floors. You can choose this feature to improve privacy at your commercial workspace and divide executives from public office areas. If youre planning to install something on the floor, especially if it would consume substantial horizontal volume, consider alternate options from Midwest Tropical, like rain curtains and indoor water fountains.

  1. They should have a rugged/rocky background

Yes, these look best with a background that reflects a mountainous landscape or scenery. It is advisable to choose back panels with red bricks (or some other fall colors) connected in an uneven fashion. Digital backgrounds, lighting screens, retro styles, and graphical panels dont blend so well with the concept behind a wall waterfall. However, options are only limited to your choice, and you can go as creative as you wish. Make sure to choose backgrounds that blend seamlessly with the concept of that indoor water feature and also with the nature of your work.

Love digital backgrounds, photographs, and artificial screens? You still have indoor bubble walls that are quite close to wall waterfalls in appearance, but their background panels can be customized as per your favorite material, colors, and screens.

  1. Wall Waterfalls do have soothing background music.

Isnt it lovely to watch the water falling at a natural speed while making that mellifluous soothing sound that cleanses the soul from the inside? It gives a sense of serene refuge and natural freedom where your thoughts are not bound to revolve around the hectic worldly matters only. Midwest Tropical is the master of crafting these indoor custom water features. And if youre getting one from here, why not add your desired music in the background so that whoever visits your venue doesnt want to go back?

Can I install a wall waterfall in my office?

Yes, you surely can. Midwest Tropical has served clients who even wanted to separate spaces in the conference rooms for executives and tactical staff members. Whether you own a restaurant, a childrens hospital, a meditation studio, or a beauty spa, you can install this indoor water feature with peace of mind.

Wall waterfalls help commercial property owners create corporate ambiances that have a class of their own. These are elite interior decor features that have supreme visual aesthetics and let you achieve your architectural goals with design superiority. Not only wall waterfalls, but any other water feature that you must have witnessed at a shopping mall, a dentists office, or a public library, has something so captivating that you just set your eyes on it, and your mind never escapes the peace and calm it offers.

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