Find Out Industries That Can Benefit From Indoor Water Features and Why?

Glorious water features reek of relaxation, professionalism, and privacy, making them a perfect fit for the corporate spaces. The benefits of indoor water features also make them a good fit for various industries some that you™ve not thought of before. Midwest Tropical has been a pioneer in introducing these intricate wonders into corporate spaces and making certain business realize the significant ROI this investment can bring.


You have perhaps seen magnificent indoor water walls in high-end restaurants and within the lobbies of corporate buildings.

An indoor water feature like a rain curtain can be a good option for any business. Below are some industries that can benefit from investing in custom indoor water features:

  1. Nail Salons
  2. Gyms & Fitness Centers
  3. Medical Offices
  4. Dental Offices
  5. Restaurants
  6. Law Firms
  7. Resorts & Hotels
  8. Contractors
  9. Interior Designers
  10. Car Dealerships
  11. Malls
  12. Airports & Subway Stations
  13. Music Halls & Convention Centers

Some of the businesses on the lists may have surprised you. The extensive variety of advantages an indoor water feature offers a lot of businesses to achieve their desired atmosphere.

Let™s dig into the benefits of an indoor water feature, and how can they prove to be a significant investment for your business?

How Can You Benefit From an Indoor Water Feature


The biggest benefit that a water feature offers is customization. The extensive variety of feature sizes, shapes, color and material, as offered by Midwest Tropical, means you can feasibly get a design elaborate enough to suit your business™s unique budget and needs.

Through intricate customization offered on all types of water features, many businesses now get their company logo engraved on their piece. This additional branding has evidently shown to add to the company™s authority and professionalism. It certainly makes a business look more official and trustworthy.


Is your office premise laid out on an open floor plan? Maybe your conference room is just adjacent to the reception area or lobby. Perhaps the lack of cubicles allows for frequent small talk amongst coworkers, distracting them. Whatever it may be, you find it hard for private or confidential discussions to take place in the office.

An indoor fountain is a brilliant way to add white noise to offer privacy for such sensitive conversations.

Based on the size of the indoor rain curtain, it can add further privacy by acting as a wall or barrier on your currently open floor space. This dividing up, an open floor layout can offer both guests and employees with a feeling of privacy and security.

Occupy Empty Space

Breaking up a large space or room with a water feature doesn™t only offer a sense of privacy; it also makes a room look smaller, giving it a comfortable, inviting, and intimate vibe. This can be valuable for businesses like car dealerships and restaurants who want customers to feel welcomed and at home; thus, they linger, stay longer, and bring further business.

Add Moisture to the Air

Water features entail continuous water trickling. If you choose a system that is not enclosed, some of this water is naturally evaporated into the atmosphere. Places like spas, medical/dental offices, and hotels that want to create a comfortable and soothing atmosphere for patients/guests, could benefit from the clean, moist air, that a water feature provides. Guests to these businesses who have allergies, breathing issues or asthma can benefit from humid air.

Employees can also benefit from being in the constant clean, moist air, making them feel healthier and comfortable.

If your company is looking for a way to look more professional, or create a more inviting, calming, intimate environment for customers, get in touch with experts at Midwest Tropical and get a feature intricately designed for you.

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