3 Amazing Ways to get your Water Bubble Walls Customized

3 Amazing Ways to get your Water Bubble Walls Customized

Human beings have created history in utilizing water and other natural elements in interior design. Rain curtains, giant wall aquariums, reflection pools, rockeries, and indoor water fountains, though popular today, are no exception to this tradition. But water bubble walls are something different. With a blend of technology and advanced branding methods, this unique water feature mixes seamlessly in any theme. That’s why it is one of those high-end interior decor features that is not going old anytime soon.

But before you plunge into this water bubble walls game, read on to explore why you should really install one in your elite commercial property today.

Bubble walls, tubes, and columns are an exquisite combination of metallic materials, colorful panels, LED lights, and background music. They don’t consume floor space that could otherwise be used for seating or as a passageway. No matter how spacious or limited your commercial property is in terms of area, water bubble walls can add life to the environment and create a visual appeal like no other contemporary piece of decor. Midwest Tropical has crafted bubble walls for clients owning busy public offices, casinos, pubs, restaurants, shopping malls, children’s hospitals, dentists’ offices, psychologists’ clinics, beauty spas, digital startups, and travel agencies. This means that these are versatile and work well no matter what one’s business is. These features are great at creating unique ‘signature’ architectural statements, and if you get one customized, you can establish your corporate style statement in no time.

3 Ideas for Water Bubble Walls Customization

  1. Get a digital Bubble Wall Panel

Inspired by a personality, had a mentor who supported you while establishing this business, love digital screens, sceneries, minimalist patterns, watercolor themes, grainy effect, or glitter? You name it, and Midwest Tropical can get it done. Background panels can be designed the way you had envisioned your office lobby or reception. Minimalist business people often choose certain themes like:

  • Watercolor in blush pink and rose gold are common with women-led businesses like tanning salons and bridal boutiques.
  • Travel agencies prefer a classy look adding Santorini’s high resolution image in the background.
  • Pubs and party clubs that have retro themes, metallic jazz, or else choose rainbow patterns or in contrasts of olive green and hot pink.

Key: make sure that the water bubble walls panels don’t look dull or funky when matched against the overall brand aesthetics.

  1. Merge brand signage with a bubble wall

All businesses have business cards, writing stationery with your company’s name embossed on the writing pad and pen case, keychains that shout out the brand, and whatnot. But with water bubble walls, you can get your logo, tagline, or corporate value right infront of your stakeholders without even sounding too salesy.

  1. Choose materials that contrast with the panel

Holistic design techniques are imperative to any interior decor theme. The combination of material, its placement on the panel, and the background of the panel, are as important as the typography in your logo or tagline. Make sure to choose to create contrasts that stand out. If the logo is copper, don’t go for text offsets. With natural scenery in the background, acrylic or stainless steel signage work well too!

Water Bubble Walls are undeniably one of the best marketing moves you can make today. Not only do they have a creative appeal and enhanced visual aesthetics like nothing else, but they also shout out elite quality and standards even before your stakeholders get a chance to meet your representatives. These are state-of-the-art decor masterpieces that require time and energy during the installation process and create an awe-inspiring corporate environment for your commercial property.


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