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Choosing a Waterfall Design: Here’s what NOT to do!

You will come across many choices while adding a water feature to your interior décor. There will be hordes of decisions to make and factors to contemplate, from installing bubble walls to selecting an intricate waterfall design. Indoor water features need a lot more consideration than those utilized outdoors since most of the time is spent inside, and you will have more opportunities to appreciate a piece like a swirly bubble wall or a

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An Interior Designer’s Comments about a Waterfall wall

If there’s ever a person who’s always on the lookout for something different, original yet authentic, it’s an interior designer. Most of the population has outgrown the run of the mill décor themes and art pieces that can be seen frequently in many indoor spaces from residences to commercial properties to retail stores. Involving natural elements indoors has been a running theme in the last few decades and is expected to expand beyond 2021

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