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Your Guide to Bubble Walls

Your Guide to Bubble Walls

There’s no limit to the human mind’s creativity, especially when equipped with the current technological advancements. A field that has undergone a dramatic shift in perspective is that of interior design. Not only are there more original pieces and one-of-a-kind ideas, but everyone is looking to do more with less. Bubble walls are features that take a page out of the minimalism notebook and elevate any interior aesthetics for far-reaching results. If you wish

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Why every health professional needs a bubble wall

Why Every Health Professional Needs a Bubble Wall

Feeling anxious and nervous upon entering a doctor’s office is quite common and sometimes can make people reluctant to visit one. You didn’t go through all that hard work and sleepless nights for one day to be derailed by patients’ fears. There’s a simple solution to this problem: Midwest Tropical’s Led bubble walls. The addition of this innovative décor in your office will be the perfect addition to make sure that patients don’t go

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Trendiest Bubble Wall Options for 2020 and beyond

Bubble walls are one of the trendiest water features for their visual appeal, classy look and the calming vibes they emit. And while each business wants to create a unique yet dynamic physical presence, a bubble wall display is a sure fire way to grab all attention. Architectural concepts and designs involving bubble wall panels are growing in popularity for the ease that anybody can choose from hundreds of styles depending upon the magnitude

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Here’s what people say about Our Bubble Walls

Here’s What People Say about Our Bubble Walls

There’s absolutely no need to search high and low for unique interior decoration ideas when the best you have is a bubble wall from Midwest Tropical. You may be wondering if bubble walls are worth all the hype, and trust us when we say that they are! They add a much-needed element of class along with relaxation to any office atmosphere, inspiring customers to believe that you provide dedicated service with the same fervor

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9 Tips for Installing A DIY Bubble Wall Fountain into an Existing Wall

Within our extensive collection of water features, some of our bubble wall fountain units require a DIY job to install it efficiently into an existing wall in your home or business.   Now you can create your bubble wall like a pro, but first, you would need an in-depth assessment of what you need to do to install properly those panels for a better ambiance. The foremost thing that any professional will teach involves

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Why You Need a Bubbling Water Fountain in Your Home

Looking for a new and innovative way to decorate your home? Want an exclusive and fancier touch to your place? An indoor water fountain is what you need and that too with a touch of bubbles! A bubbling water fountain is a great way to introduce a piece of attraction and beauty at your place. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose something as a piece of decoration that goes perfectly with your taste and

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Bubble Wall Water Feature Three Story Bubble Wall Over 35 High Amazing Custom Waterfall

The Difference between Bubble Wall & Bubble Panel

Confused between a bubble wall and a bubble panel? Don’t know the exact purposes of both? Don’t worry, Midwest tropical will help you out. Main reason behind this confusion is that these two terms are interchangeably used in conversation, and generally over the internet. So, it becomes relatively difficult to differentiate. Knowing the difference is imperative to correctly identify bubble wall and a panel and avoid confusions when getting one for your home, office,

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